Nickname(s) Leijonat / Lejonen (The Lions)
Association Finnish Ice Hockey Association
GM Flag of Finland Jari Kurri
Head coach Flag of Finland Jukka Jalonen
Assistants Flag of Finland Petri Matikainen
Flag of Finland Pasi Nurminen
Captain Saku Koivu
Most games Raimo Helminen (331)
Most points Raimo Helminen (207)
IIHF ranking 4
Highest IIHF ranking 3 (2007)
Lowest IIHF ranking 7 (2005)
First international
Flag of Sweden Sweden 8 - 1 Finland Flag of Finland
(Helsinki, Finland; January 29, 1928)
Biggest win
Flag of Finland Finland 20 - 1 Norway Flag of Norway
(Hämeenlinna, Finland; March 12, 1947)
Biggest defeat
Canadian Red Ensign Canada 24 - 0 Finland Flag of Finland
(Oslo, Norway; March 3, 1958)
IIHF World Championships
Appearances 51 (first in 1939)
Best result Med 1 (1995)
Canada Cup and World Cup
Appearances 6
Best result Runner-up: 1 - 2004
Appearances 14 (first in 1952)
Medals Silver medal Silver: 1988, 2006
Bronze medal Bronze: 1994, 1998, 2010
International record (W-L-T)

The Finnish men's national ice hockey team, (Finnish: Leijonat, Swedish: Lejonen) ("The Lions"), as it is called in Finland is governed by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. Finland is considered a member of the "Big Seven", along with Canada, Russia, the USA, Slovakia, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Finland has a total of 52,597 registered players (1.0 % of its population).

At the 1995 World championships Finland won a gold medal, beating Sweden in the final by a score of 4–1.

In the 2006 Winter Olympics Finland won a silver medal, coming close to winning in the final but succumbing 3–2 to Sweden. Finland's goaltender Antero Niittymäki was named the MVP of the tournament (only 8 goals against in the whole tournament) and Teemu Selänne the best forward of the tournament.

Doug Shedden coached the Finnish national men's ice hockey team in the 2007–08 season. Under Shedden, Finland won bronze. His then-assistant coach Jukka Jalonen succeeded him as the head coach after the tournament.

The national team has retired Jari Kurri's #17 jersey. It currently hangs in Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. Jari Kurri is currently the general manager of the team.

Olympic recordEdit

Olympic medal record
Olympic Games
Silver 1988 Calgary Ice Hockey
Bronze 1994 Lillehammer Ice Hockey
Bronze 1998 Nagano Ice Hockey
Silver 2006 Torino Ice Hockey
  • 1952 - Finished in 7th place
  • 1956 - did not participate
  • 1960 - Finished in 7th place
  • 1964 - Finished in 6th place
  • 1968 - Finished in 5th place
  • 1972 - Finished in 5th place
  • 1976 - Finished in 4th place
  • 1980 - Finished in 4th place
  • 1984 - Finished in 6th place
  • 1988 - Won silver medal
  • 1992 - Finished in 7th place
  • 1994 - Won bronze medal
  • 1998 - Won bronze medal
  • 2002 - Finished in 6th place
  • 2006 - Won silver medal (roster)

Canada Cup recordEdit

  • 1976 - Finished in 6th place
  • 1981 - Finished in 6th place
  • 1984 - Did not participate
  • 1987 - Finished in 6th place
  • 1991 - Finished in 3rd place

World Cup recordEdit

  • 1996 - Finished in 5th place
  • 2004 - Finished in 2nd place

World championship recordEdit

Olympic medal record
World Championships
Silver 1992 Czechoslovakia Finland
Silver 1994 Italy Finland
Gold 1995 Sweden Finland
Silver 1998 Switzerland Finland
Silver 1999 Norway Finland
Bronze 2000 Russia Finland
Silver 2001 Germany Finland
Bronze 2006 Latvia Finland
Silver 2007 Russia Finland
Bronze 2008 Canada Finland
Year Location Result
1939 Zürich / Basel, Switzerland Finished in 13th place
1949 Stockholm, Sweden Finished in 7th place
1950 London, Great Britain Did not participate
1951 Paris, France Finished in 7th place
1953 Basel / Zurich, Switzerland Did not participate
1954 Stockholm, Sweden Finished in 6th place
1955 Krefeld / Dortmund / Cologne, West Germany Finished in 9th place
1957 Moscow, Soviet Union Finished in 5th place
1958 Oslo, Norway Finished in 6th place
1959 Prague / Bratislava, Czechoslovakia Finished in 6th place
1961 Geneva / Lausanne, Switzerland Finished in 7th place
1962 Colorado Springs / Denver, Colorado Finished in 4th place
1963 Stockholm, Sweden Finished in 5th place
1965 Tampere, Finland Finished in 7th place
1966 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia Finished in 7th place
1967 Vienna, Austria Finished in 6th place
1969 Stockholm, Sweden Finished in 5th place
1970 Stockholm, Sweden Finished in 4th place
1971 Berne / Geneva, Switzerland Finished in 4th place
1972 Prague, Czechoslovakia Finished in 4th place
1973 Moscow, Soviet Union Finished in 4th place
1974 Helsinki, Finland Finished in 4th place
1975 Munich / Düsseldorf, West Germany Finished in 4th place
1976 Katowice, Poland Finished in 5th place
1977 Vienna, Austria Finished in 5th place
1978 Prague, Czechoslovakia Finished in 7th place
1979 Moscow, Soviet Union Finished in 5th place
1981 Gothenburg / Stockholm, Sweden Finished in 6th place
1982 Helsinki / Tampere, Finland Finished in 5th place
1983 Düsseldorf / Dortmund / Munich, West Germany Finished in 7th place
1985 Prague, Czechoslovakia Finished in 5th place
1986 Moscow, Soviet Union Finished in 4th place
1987 Vienna, Austria Finished in 5th place
1989 Stockholm / Södertälje, Sweden Finished in 5th place
1990 Berne / Fribourg, Switzerland Finished in 6th place
1991 Turku / Helsinki / Tampere, Finland Finished in 5th place
1992 Prague / Bratislava, Czechoslovakia Won silver medal
1993 Dortmund / Munich, Germany Finished in 7th place
1994 Bolzano / Canazei / Milano, Italy Won silver medal
1995 Stockholm / Gävle, Sweden Won gold medal ( roster)
1996 Vienna, Austria Finished in 5th place
1997 Helsinki / Turku / Tampere, Finland Finished in 5th place
1998 Zürich / Basel, Switzerland Won silver medal
1999 Oslo / Lillehammer / Hamar, Norway Won silver medal
2000 Saint Petersburg, Russia Won bronze medal
2001 Cologne / Hanover / Nuremberg, Germany Won silver medal
2002 Gothenburg / Karlstad / Jönköping, Sweden Finished in 4th place
2003 Helsinki / Tampere / Turku, Finland Finished in 5th place
2004 Prague / Ostrava, Czech Republic Finished in 6th place
2005 Innsbruck / Vienna, Austria Finished in 7th place
2006 Riga, Latvia Won bronze medal
2007 Moscow / Mytishchi, Russia Won silver medal
2008 Quebec City / Halifax, Canada Won bronze medal
2009 Berne / Kloten, Switzerland Finished in 5th place

European championship recordEdit

  • 1929 - Not ranked

Notable players Edit

List of head coaches Edit

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