The Findlay Oilers were one of the founding members of the College Hockey America (CHA) women’s conference. The Oilers began play in the CHA in the fall of 2002. Prior to the CHA, the Oilers played with the Great Lakes Women’s Hockey Association.

Year by yearEdit


In their inaugural CHA season, Findlay qualified for the CHA Tournament championship final. The Oilers were defeated by the Mercyhurst Lakers by a 1-0 mark. Oilers goalie Jessica Moffat was selected tournament MVP. [1]


The conference expanded its schedule expanded as member schools played four games against each other. Although Mercyhurst won the regular-season title with an 11-1 record and the tournament, Findlay’s Adam Brinker was voted CHA Coach of the Year. Oiler Heidi Tallqvist was selected CHA Player of the Year. Tallqvist tied teammate Hailey Clarkson for the scoring title with 15 points. Clarkson was tabbed CHA Rookie of the Year. Findlay dropped women’s hockey following the 2003-04 campaign and were replaced in the conference by the Quinnipiac Bobcats.

Awards and honorsEdit

  • Adam Brinker, 2004 CHA Coach of the Year
  • Hailey Clarkson, 2004 CHA scoring champion (tied)
  • Hailey Clarkson, 2004 CHA Rookie of the Year
  • Jessica Moffat, 2003 CHA tournament MVP [2]
  • Heidi Tallqvist, 2004 CHA Player of the Year
  • Heidi Tallqvist, 2004 CHA scoring champion (tied)


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