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Opening faceoff at center ice

The faceoff is the method of getting the puck into play in the game at the beginning of each period and after any stoppage of play.

The official drops the puck between the two opposing players, usually Centres, and the two players attempt to gain control of the puck. Each team's players must line up at or behind the line of the faceoff.

There are nine designated faceoff spots - one at center ice, two in each of the defending zones (between the goal line and the blue line), and two in each of the neutral zones (between the two blue lines).

Opening faceoffs and those after a goal is scored take place at center ice. Faceoffs after icing take place in the offending team's zone. Faceoffs after the puck is frozen by a player or shot off the ice take place at the designated faceoff spot closest to the stoppage.

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