FC Barcelona Ice Hockey
City: Barcelona, Catalonia
League: Spanish League
Founded: 1972 (1972)
Operated: 1972-present
Home Arena: Palau de Gel
Colors: blue and red
Head Coach: Eugeny Zemeriak
General Manager: Josep Cubells

FC Barcelona Ice Hockey is an ice hockey club in Barcelona, Catalonia, that is part of the FC Barcelona club. They are currently playing in the Spanish League and their home arena is the Palau de Gel.

Roster Edit

# Player Pos. Catches Height Weight D.O.B.
1 Flag of Spain Ander Alcaine G L 176 cm 67 kg Dec. 20, 1991
3 Flag of Spain Oriol Llinas G
13 Flag of Spain David Tello G
# Player Pos. Shoots Height Weight D.O.B.
2 Flag of Spain Arnau Miguel D
4 Flag of Spain Guillermo Nieto D
8 Flag of Spain Richard Cobo D
16 Flag of Spain Toni Roig D 173 cm 85 kg Mar. 9, 1975
18 Flag of Spain Enrique Zapata D
20 Flag of Ukraine Vitaliy Koulikov D
21 Flag of Sweden Johnnie Björklund D 183 cm 82 kg
22 Flag of Spain Víctor de Canivell D
26 Flag of Spain Sergi Movilla D
28 Flag of Spain Marcel Perearnau D
# Player Pos. Shoots Height Weight D.O.B.
5 Flag of Spain Eduardo Truffo F
6 Flag of Spain Oriol Boronat F
7 Flag of Spain Alvaro Trinidad W
9 Flag of Spain Danilo C
10 Flag of Spain Jordi Bernet C L 175 cm 79 kg Oct. 18, 1977
11 Flag of Spain Xavier Ortega F L 175 cm 70 kg Nov. 25, 1988
12 Flag of Spain Albert Fernandez F L 185 cm 70 kg Mar. 25, 1988
14 Flag of Spain Juan Muñoz C L 177 cm 75 kg Aug. 30, 1990
15 Flag of Spain Marc Ribas C R 182 cm 70 kg Feb. 26, 1988
17 Flag of Spain Ramon Morer F L 170 cm 65 kg Sep. 14, 1989
19 Flag of Spain Ivan Codina F L 175 cm 73 kg Aug. 24, 1977
23 Flag of Sweden Jonas Norberg C R 176 cm 83 kg Mar. 11, 1982
24 Flag of Spain Pablo Muñoz C L 181 cm 77 kg Apr. 26, 1987
25 Flag of Spain Alex Domínguez W Jan. 28, 1988
27 Flag of Germany Max Jentsch C
29 Flag of Spain Einar Meyerson W
30 Flag of Spain Pol Cutie Gonzalez W L 184 cm 68 kg May 24, 1992

History Edit

Pista de Gel FC Barcelona

Palau de Gel

The team was founded in 1972, after the construction of the Palau de Gel. The first title was the Cup in 1976. In the mid-eighties decade, the senior team was disbanded leaving only the junior team. In 1990 the club came back to top competition, and after that won League and Cup competitions in the great 1996-97 season.

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