This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Edmonton Oilers franchise. It includes every player who was drafted, regardless of whether they played for the team.


      Played at least one game with the Oilers

Pos Position
S Supplemental draft selection
RS NHL regular season games played
PO NHL post season games played
G Goaltender C Centre
D Defenceman LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing F Forward

Draft picksEdit


Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos RS PO
1973 1 6 Rogers, JohnJohn Rogers Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW 44
1973 2 20 McCrimmon, JimJim McCrimmon Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 114
1973 3 30 MacDonald, BlairBlair MacDonald Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW 476 39
1973 3 32 Lewis, DaveDave Lewis Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1973 4 39 Laing, BillBill Laing Flag of Canada.svg Canada C 96 4
1973 4 45 Moxey, JimJim Moxey Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1973 5 58 Houston, KenKen Houston Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1973 6 65 Dave Pay Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1973 6 71 Yvon Bouillon Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1973 7 84 Pentland, DwayneDwayne Pentland Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 29 2
1974 1 8 Soetaert, GaryGary Soetaert Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1974 2 23 Burdon, GlenGlen Burdon Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1974 3 37 Gillies, ClarkClark Gillies Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1974 4 48 Rogers, MikeMike Rogers Flag of Canada.svg Canada C 396 46
1974 5 67 Holmgren, PaulPaul Holmgren Flag of the United States United States F 51
1974 6 82 Kevin Treacy Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1974 7 96 Langevin, DaveDave Langevin Flag of the United States United States D 216 23
1974 8 111 Bernard Noreau Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1974 9 126 Tom Sundberg Flag of the United States United States F
1974 10 141 Botting, CamCam Botting Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1974 11 156 Marty Mathews Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1974 12 169 Willie Friesen Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1975 1 6 Dean, BarryBarry Dean Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW 71
1975 2 21 Morris, PeterPeter Morris Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW 78 3
1975 3 36 Smith, BarryBarry Smith Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1975 4 51 Stu Younger Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1975 5 66 Jim Ofrim Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1975 6 79 Bob Sunderland Flag of the United States United States D
1975 7 93 Dave Bell Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1975 8 105 Veysey, SidSid Veysey Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1975 9 117 Russell, BobBob Russell Flag of Canada.svg Canada C 115 5
1975 10 130 Jean Thibodeau Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1975 11 143 Brian Petrovek Flag of the United States United States G
1975 12 154 Jim Montgomery Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1975 13 164 Terry Angel Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1975 14 171 Shinske, RickRick Shinske Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1976 1 1 Chapman, BlairBlair Chapman Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1976 1 6 Federko, BernieBernie Federko Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1976 3 28 Phillipoff, HaroldHarold Phillipoff Flag of Canada.svg Canada W
1976 3 30 Callander, DrewDrew Callander Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1976 3 36 Sutter, BrianBrian Sutter Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1976 4 48 Vautour, YvonYvon Vautour Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1976 5 60 Tim Williams Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1976 6 72 Gord Blumenschein Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1976 7 84 John Tavella Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1976 8 95 Al Dumba Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1976 9 106 Bedard, JimJim Bedard Flag of Canada.svg Canada G
1977 1 4 Crombeen, MikeMike Crombeen Flag of Canada.svg Canada F
1977 3 24 Davis, KimKim Davis Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1977 4 33 LaBatte, NeilNeil LaBatte Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1977 4 34 Clark, DanDan Clark Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1977 5 42 Saganiuk, RockyRocky Saganiuk Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1977 6 51 Julian Baretta Flag of the United States United States G
1977 7 60 Hoyda, DaveDave Hoyda Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW
1977 8 69 Ray Creasy Flag of Canada.svg Canada C
1977 9 77 Guy Lash Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1977 10 85 Lloyd, OwenOwen Lloyd Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 3


Statistics are complete as of the 2009–10 NHL season and show each player's career regular season totals in the NHL. Wins, losses, ties, overtime losses and goals against average apply to goaltenders and are used only for players at that position. This list includes players drafted by the team in Edmonton only. Current Oiler players in bold.

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos GP G A Pts PIM W L T OT GAA
1979121Kevin LoweFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD1254843484321498
1979348Mark MessierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC1756694119318871910
1979469Glenn AndersonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF112949860110991120
1979484Max KostovichFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19795105Mike ToalFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW30000
19796126Blair BarnesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW10000
198016Paul CoffeyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD1409396113515311800
1980348Shawn BabcockFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1980469Jari KurriFlag of Finland FinlandRW12516017971398545
1980590Walt PoddubnyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW468184238422454
19806111Mike WintherFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19807132Andy MoogFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG71302424230372209993.13
19808153Rob Polman-TuinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19809174Lars-Gunnar PetterssonFlag of Sweden SwedenF
198118Grant FuhrFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG868046461204032951143.38
1981229Todd StruebyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC50112
1981471Paul HouckFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW161232
1981592Phil DrouillardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19816111Steve SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD804723033752139
19816113Marc HabscheidFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC3457291163171
19818155Mike SturgeonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19819176Miloslav HoravaFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaD805172238
198110197Gord ShervenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF9713223533
1982120Jim PlayfairFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD2124651
1982241Steve GravesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW3554910
1982362Brent LoneyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1982483Jaroslav PouzarFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaF186344882135
19825104Dwayne BoettgerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19826125Raimo SummanenFlag of Finland FinlandF15136407635
19827146Brian SmallFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19828167Dean ClarkFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW10000
19829188Ian WoodFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
198210209Grant DionFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198211230Chris SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
198212251Jeff CrawfordFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1983119Jeff BeukeboomFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD804301291591890
1983240Mike GoldenFlag of the United States United StatesF
1983360Mike FlanaganFlag of the United States United StatesD
1983480Esa TikkanenFlag of Finland FinlandLW8772443866301077
19836120Don BarberFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW11525325764
19837140Dale DerkatchFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19838160Ralph VosFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19839180Dave RoachFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
198310200Warren YadlowskiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
198311220John MinerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD1423516
198312240Steve WoodburnFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1984121Selmar OdeleinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD1802235
1984242Daryl ReaughFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG2700048913.47
1984363Todd NormanFlag of the United States United StatesD
1984484Richard NovakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19845105Rick LambertFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19846106Emanuel ViveirosFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD29111126
19846126Ivan DornicFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaLW
19847147Heikki RiihijarviFlag of Finland FinlandD
19848168Todd EwenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW5183640761911
198410209Joel CurtisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
198411229Simon WheeldonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC1502210
198412250Darren GaniFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1985120Scott MetcalfeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC12318
1985241Todd CarnelleyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1985362Mike WareFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW501115
19855104Tomas KapustaFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaC
19856125Brian TessierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19857146Shawn TyersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19858167Tony FairfieldFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19859188Kelly BuchbergerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW11821052043092297
198510209Mario BarbeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
198511230Peter HeadonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
198512251John HaleyFlag of the United States United StatesG
1986121Kim IsselFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW40000
1986242Jamie NicollsFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1986363Ron ShudraFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD100556
1986484Dan CurrieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW222134
19865105David HaasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW72137
19866126Jim EnnisFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD510110
19867147Ivan MatulikFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaRW
19868168Nick BeaulieuFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19869189Mike GreenlayFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG2011000012.00
198610210Matt LanzaFlag of the United States United StatesD
198611231Mojmir BozikFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaD
198612252Tony HandFlag of Great Britain United KingdomF
1987121Peter SoberlakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1987242Brad WerenkaFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD320196079299
1987363Geoff SmithFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD462187391282
1987464Peter ErikssonFlag of Sweden SwedenLW2033624
19875105Shaun Van AllenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC79484185269481
19876126Radek ToupalFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaF
19877147Tomas SrsenFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaLW20000
19878168Age EllingsenFlag of Norway NorwayF
19879189Gavin ArmstrongFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
198710210Mike TinkhamFlag of the United States United StatesC
198711231Jeff PaulettiFlag of the United States United StatesF
198712241Jesper DuusFlag of Denmark DenmarkD
198712252Igor VyazmikinFlag of the Soviet Union Soviet UnionLW41010
1988119Francois LerouxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD24932023577
1988239Petro KoivunenFlag of Finland FinlandRW
1988353Trevor SimFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC30112
1988361Collin BauerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19885103Don MartinFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19886124Len BarrieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC184194564290
19887145Mike GloverFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19888166Shjon PodeinFlag of the United States United StatesLW699100106206439
19889187Tom ColeFlag of the United States United StatesG
198810208Vladimir ZubkovFlag of the Soviet Union Soviet UnionD
198811229Darin MacDonaldFlag of the United States United StatesF
198812250Tim TisdaleFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1989115Jason SoulesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1989236Richard BorgoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1989478Josef BeranekFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaC531118144262398
1989592Peter WhiteFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC22023376036
19896120Anatoli SemenovFlag of the Soviet Union Soviet UnionC36268126194122
19897140Davis PayneFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW2201114
19897141Sergei YashinFlag of the Soviet Union Soviet UnionLW
19898162Darcy MartiniFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD20000
198911225Roman BozekFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaF
1990117Scott AllisonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
1990238Alexander LegaultFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1990359Joe CrowleyFlag of the United States United StatesLW
1990467Joel BlainFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19905101Greg LouderFlag of the United States United StatesG
19906122Keijo SäilynojaFlag of Finland FinlandRW
19907143Mike PowerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19908164Roman MejzlikFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaF
19909185Richard ZemlickaFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaF
199010206Petr KorinekFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaC
199012248Sami NuutinenFlag of Finland FinlandD
1991112Tyler WrightFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC6137970149854
1991120Martin RucinskyFlag of Czechoslovakia CzechoslovakiaLW961241371612821
1991234Andrew VernerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1991356George BreenFlag of the United States United StatesRW
1991478Mario NobiliFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
1991593Ryan HaggertyFlag of the United States United StatesLW
19917144David OliverFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW23349499884
19918166Gary KitchingFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
199110210Vegar BarlieFlag of Norway Norway
199111232Evgeny BelosheikinFlag of the Soviet Union Soviet UnionG
199112254Juha RiihijärviFlag of Finland FinlandRW
1992113Joe HulbigFlag of the United States United StatesLW55 4 4 8 16
1992237Martin ReichelFlag of Germany GermanyF
1992361Simon RoyFlag of Canada.svg Canada
1992365Kirk MaltbyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 1072 128 132 260 867
1992496Ralph IntranuovoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 22 2 4 6 4
19925109Joaquin GageFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 23 0 1 1 4 4 12 1 3.74
19927157Steve GibsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
19928181Kyuin ShimFlag of Korea South KoreaLW
19928190Colin SchmidtFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19929205Marko TuomainenFlag of Finland FinlandRW 79 9 9 18 84
199211253Brian RasmussenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
199317Jason ArnottFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC1099 383 490 873 1176
1993116Nick StajduharFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD2 0 0 0 4
1993233David VybornyFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicRW543 113 204 317 228
1993359Kevin PadenFlag of the United States United StatesLW
1993360Alexander KerchFlag of Russia RussiaLW5 0 0 0 2
19935111Miroslav SatanFlag of Slovakia SlovakiaLW1050 363 372 735 464
19937163Alex ZhurikFlag of Belarus BelarusD
19938189Martin BakulaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
19939215Brad NortonFlag of the United States United StatesD 124 3 8 11 287
199310241Oleg MaltsevFlag of Russia Russia
199311267Ilya ByakinFlag of Russia RussiaD 57 8 25 33 44
199414Jason BonsignoreFlag of the United States United StatesC 79 3 13 16 34
199416Ryan SmythFlag of Canada.svg CanadaL 987 332 381 713 775
1994232Mike WattFlag of Canada.svg CanadaL 157 15 26 41 41
1994353Corey NeilsonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1994360Brad SymesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
1994479Adam CopelandFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1994495Jussi TarvainenFlag of Finland FinlandRW
19945110Jon GaskinsFlag of the United States United StatesLW
19946136Terry MarchantFlag of the United States United StatesC
19947160Curtis SheptakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19947162Dimitrius SulbaFlag of Belarus Belarus
19947179Chris WickenheiserFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
19948185Rob GuinnFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19948188Jason ReidFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19949214Jeremy JablonskiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
199411266Ladislav BenysekFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD 161 3 12 15 74
199516Steve KellyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 149 9 12 21 83
1995231Georges LaraqueFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 695 53 100 153 1126
1995357Lukas ZibFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
1995483Mike MinardFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3.00
19955109Jan SnopekFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
19957161Martin CervenFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicC
19958187Stephen DouglasFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19959213Jiri AntoninFlag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
199616Boyd DevereauxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 627 67 112 179 205
1996119Matthieu DescoteauxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 5 1 1 2 4
1996232Chris HajtFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 6 0 0 0 2
1996359Tom PotiFlag of the United States United StatesD 787 67 251 318 578
19965114Brian UrickFlag of the United States United StatesRW
19966141Bryan RandallFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19967168David BernierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19967170Brandon LafranceFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
19968195Fernando PisaniFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW 402 80 73 153 190
19969221John HultbergFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1997114Michel RiesenFlag of Switzerland SwitzerlandRW 12 0 1 1 4
1997241Patrick DovigiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
1997368Sergei YerkovichFlag of Belarus BelarusD
1997494Jonas ElofssonFlag of Sweden SwedenD
19975121Jason ChimeraFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 500 88 101 189 516
19976141Peter SarnoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 7 1 0 1 2
19977176Kevin BolibruckFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19977187Chad HinzFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
19978205Chris KerrFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19979231Alexander FomitchevFlag of Russia RussiaG
1998113Michael HenrichFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
1998367Alex HenryFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 177 2 9 11 269
1998499Shawn HorcoffFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 637 133 241 374 417
19984113Kristian AntilaFlag of Finland FinlandG
19985128Paul ElliottFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19985144Oleg SmirnovFlag of Russia RussiaLW
19986159Trevor EttingerFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19987186Mike MorrisonFlag of the United States United StatesG 29 0 1 1 2 11 7 3 3.27
19988213Christian LefebvreFlag of Canada.svg Canada
19989241Maxim SpiridonovFlag of Russia RussiaRW
1999113Jani RitaFlag of Finland FinlandLW 66 9 5 14 10
1999236Alexei SemenovFlag of Russia RussiaD 211 7 26 33 249
1999241Tony SalmelainenFlag of Finland FinlandLW 70 6 12 18 30
1999381Adam HauserFlag of the United States United StatesG 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.08
1999391Mike ComrieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 568 167 192 359 425
19995139Jonathan FauteuxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19996171Chris LeggFlag of Canada.svg CanadaF
19997199Christian ChartierFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
19999256Tomas GroschlFlag of Hungary HungaryLW
2000117Alexei MikhnovFlag of Ukraine UkraineLW 2 0 0 0 0
2000235Brad WinchesterFlag of the United States United StatesLW 247 21 21 42 350
2000383Alexander LyubimovFlag of Russia RussiaD
20004113Lou DickensonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20005152Paul FlacheFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20006184Shaun NorrieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20007211Joe CullenFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20007215Matthew LombardiFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 444 89 147 236 275
20008247Jason PlattFlag of the United States United StatesD
20009274Evgeny MuratovFlag of Russia RussiaF
2001113Ales HemskyFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicRW 443 100 253 353 206
2001243Doug LynchFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 2 0 0 0 0
2001252Ed CaronFlag of the United States United StatesLW
2001384Kenny SmithFlag of the United States United StatesD
20015133Jussi MarkkanenFlag of Finland FinlandG 128 0 0 0 0 43 47 8 7 2.70
20015154Jake BrenkFlag of the United States United StatesF
20016185Mikael SvenskFlag of Sweden SwedenD
20017215Dan BaumFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20018248Kari HaakanaFlag of Finland FinlandD 13 0 0 0 4
20019272Ales PisaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD 53 1 3 4 26
20019278Shay StephensonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 2 0 0 0 0
2002115Jesse NiinimakiFlag of Finland FinlandC
2002231Jeff DeslauriersFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 58 20 31 4 3.19
2002236Jarret StollFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 434 94 160 254 346
2002244Matt GreeneFlag of the United States United StatesD 309 5 31 36 399
2002379Brock RadunskeFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20024106Ivan KoltsovFlag of Russia Russia
20024111Jonas AlmtorpFlag of Sweden SwedenC
20024123Robin KovarFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
20025148Glenn FisherFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG
20026181Mikko LuomaFlag of Finland FinlandD 3 0 1 1 0
20027205Jean-Francois DufortFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20027211Patrick MurphyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW
20028244Dwight HelminenFlag of the United States United StatesC 27 2 1 3 0
20028245Tomas MickaFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicF
20029274Fredrik JohanssonFlag of Sweden SwedenC
2003122Marc PouliotFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 176 21 32 53 74
2003251Colin McDonaldFlag of the United States United StatesRW 2 1 0 1 0
2003268Jean-Francois JacquesFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 109 5 7 12 122
2003372Mikhail ZhukovFlag of Russia RussiaC
2003394Zack StortiniFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 224 14 23 37 642
20035147Kalle OlssonFlag of Sweden SwedenC
20035154David RohlfsFlag of the United States United StatesD
20036184Dragan UmicevicFlag of Sweden SwedenRW
20037214Kyle BrodziakFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 257 35 56 91 82
20037215Mathieu RoyFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 61 2 11 13 74
20038248Josef HrabalFlag of the Czech Republic Czech RepublicD
20039278Troy BodieFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 48 5 2 7 80
2004114Devan DubnykFlag of Canada.svg CanadaG 19 0 0 0 0 4 10 2 3.57
2004125Rob SchrempFlag of the United States United StatesC 51 7 21 28 10
2004244Roman TesliukFlag of Russia RussiaD
2004257Geoff PaukovichFlag of the United States United StatesLW
20044112Liam ReddoxFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW 56 5 9 14 14
20045146Bryan YoungFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 17 0 0 0 10
20046177Max GordichukFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD
20047208Stephane GouletFlag of Canada.svg CanadaRW
20048242Tyler SpurgeonFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC
20049274Bjorn BjurlingFlag of Sweden SwedenG
2005125Andrew CoglianoFlag of Canada.svg CanadaC 246 46 65 111 73
2005236Taylor ChorneyFlag of the United States United StatesD 44 0 3 3 12
2005381Danny SyvretFlag of Canada.svg CanadaD 49 2 3 5 24
2005386Robby DeeFlag of the United States United StatesC
2005497Chris Vande VeldeFlag of the United States United StatesC
20054120Vyacheslav TrukhnoFlag of Russia RussiaLW
20055157Fredrik PetterssonFlag of Sweden SwedenLW
20057220Matthew GlasserFlag of Canada.svg CanadaLW


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