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Position ForwardDefencemen Goalie
Shoots Left Right
Catches Left Right
0 ft 0 in (0 m)
000 lb (0 kg)
F. Teams
200X-Pres: Huntsville Havoc Huntsville havoc
200X-0X: [[<Team>]] (<league ab>)
200X-0X: [[<Team>]] (<league ab>)
Olympics Flag of the United States [[<full year> Olympics|<full year>]], <host city>, [[<host>]] (<bronze, silver, gold> medal))
World Championships Flag of Finland [[<full year> World Junior Championship|<full year> WJC]] xth place
Coaching Head
2004-08: Huntsville Havoc (SPHL))
Nationality Usflag United States
Born June 9 1985 (1985-06-09) (age 32),
<City>, <State or Providance>, <Contry>
Pro Career present

<Full Name> (b. <Full Birth Date> <City>, <State or Providance>, [[<Contry>]]) is a professional ice hockey forward - defencemen - goalie - coach.

<First or Last Name> played college hockey for the [[<Team>]] of the [[<League Name>]] (<League Abb>).

<First or Last Name> played junior hockey for the [[<Team>]] of the [[<League Name>]] (<League Abb>).

<First or Last Name> signed with his first professional team the [[<Team>]] of the [[<League Name>]] (<League Abb>) playing in XX games in the 200X-0X season and scoring XX goals and recording XX assists. Was XXXXX on the team with XX point total. Also aquired XXX penalty minutes, XX powerplay goals, XX powerplay assists and XXXXX game-winning goals.

External links Edit

<Name>'s career stats at The Internet Hockey Database
Huntsville Havoc Biography (current as of <Date>)

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