Not to be confused with the former Australian league of the same name which ran from 1994 to 1999.
East Coast Super League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2002
No. of teams 6
Country(ies) Flag of Australia Australia
Most recent champion(s) ECSL Sting
Official website
Related competitions Australian Ice Hockey League

The East Coast Super League (ECSL), is a Junior A ice hockey league (under 23's) of six clubs in New South Wales, Australia. The league was which was formed in 2002 by New South Wales Ice Hockey. It is Australia's second highest level of ice hockey, and acts as a bridge between junior leagues and the AIHL.


The East Coast Super League was formed in 2002 by New South Wales Ice Hockey.[1] In 2003 the Newcastle North Stars from the Australian Ice Hockey League entered a farm team of the same name into the competition.[2] The ECSL Raptors joined for the 2009 season increasing the competition to five teams and in 2010 the ECSL Rhinos joined the competition to become the sixth team.[3]


The normal rules apply to the ECSL. Teams are restricted to only five players over the age of 23. The ECSL restricts any players over 23 and registered in the AIHL from not playing until the following season. Players over 23 are also barred from a season if they play more than one game in the AIHL for that year. Under 23's however can play unlimited games in the AIHL.[4]


Team City Joined
ECSL Heat Sydney, New South Wales 2002
ECSL Ice Breakers Sydney, New South Wales 2002
ECSL Raptors Sydney, New South Wales 2009
ECSL Rhinos Sydney, New South Wales 2010
ECSL Sting Sydney, New South Wales 2002
Newcastle North Stars Newcastle, New South Wales 2003

Season structureEdit

The ECSL currently has a 20 game season. The regular season is followed by a playoff round. The playoff include a two game semi-final series, followed by a three game final series. If the game is drawn in the playoffs then it goes into overtime.

Season resultsEdit

Main article: List of ECSL seasons
Year Minor premier Top scorer Top goaltender Playoffs
Winner Runner-up Ref
2004 Newcastle North Stars [2]
2007 Newcastle North Stars Scott Townsend James Esson Newcastle North Stars ECSL Sting [3]
2008 ECSL Ice Breakers Nicholas Quirk-Orford Yale Winestock ECSL Ice Breakers ECSL Sting [3]
2009 ECSL Sting Scott Townsend Joshua O'Neil ECSL Sting ECSL Raptors [3]

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