The ECHL All-Star Game is an exhibition ice hockey game that traditionally marks the midway point of the ECHL's regular season, with many of the league's star players playing against each other. The starting lineup for the two teams, including the starting goaltender, is voted on by the coaches, players, and other league representatives. The coaches for the two All-Star Game teams are typically the head coaches of the teams that, at the time of the All-Star Game roster announcements, are leading their respective conferences in point percentage (i.e. fraction of points obtained out of total possible points). The All-Star Game is preceded by the ECHL All-Star Skills Competition, a competition showing the various talents of the all-stars.

All-Star Game Results Edit

Year Winning Team Losing Team Host city MVP
1993 East7 West3 Wheeling, WV (1) Darren Schwartz, Wheeling (East)
1994 West7 East6 Norfolk, VA (1) Joe Cook, Columbus (West)
Cory Cadden, Knoxville (West)
1995 West6 East5 Greensboro, NC (1) Jay Neal, Toledo (West)
1996 Northern10 Southern7 Tallahassee, FL (1) Don Parsons, Johnstown (Northern)
1997 Charlotte7 All-Stars 6 Charlotte, NC (1) Andrei Bashkirov, Huntington (ECHL All-Stars)
David Brosseau, (Charlotte)
1998 Canada11 USA/World 7 Laffayette, LA (1) Andy MacIntyre, Jacksonville (Canada)
1999 Southern7 Northern 4 Biloxi, MS (1) Jason Elders, Mobile (Southern)
2000 Northern8 Southern6 Greenville, SC (1) Jeff Mitchell, Dayton (Northern)
2001 Southern9 Northern5 N. Little Rock, AR (1) Jonas Soling, Augusta (Southern)
2002 Southern7 Northern 6 Trenton, NJ (1) Allan Sirois, Augusta (Southern)
2003 Northern8 Southern 2 Estero, FL (1) Scott Stirling, Atlantic City (Northern)
2004 Eastern7 Western 6 Peoria, IL (1) Randy Rowe, Peoria (Eastern)
2005 National6 American 2 Reading, PA (1) Frank Doyle, Idaho (National)
2006 National7 American 6 Fresno, CA (1) Luke Curtin, Fresno (National)
2007 American6 National 3 Boise, ID (1) Adam Berkhoel, Dayton (American)
2008 National 10 American 7 Stockton, CA (1) Ash Goldie, Victoria (National)
2009 American 11 National 5 Reading, PA (2) Matt Ford, Charlotte (American)
2010 National 10 American 9 (SO) Ontario, CA (1) Evan Barlow, Idaho (National)
2011 American vs. National Bakersfield, CA (1) Game to be played

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