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Dryden, Ontario

Max the Moose in Dryden.

Dryden is a city of over 8000 people in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

'From wikipedia': Dryden is the second-largest city in the Kenora District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada, located on Wabigoon Lake. It is the smallest community in the province of Ontario designated as a city. It and Kenora are the only two cities in Ontario located in the Central Time Zone.


  1. (Minnesota-Ontario Hockey League, 1957-1962)
  2. Independent team (1963-1965) join Manitoba Senior Hockey League
  3. (Manitoba Intermediate 'AA' Hockey League, 1964-1965) limited schedule team,
  4. (Manitoba Senior Hockey League, 1965-1966)
  5. Independent team (1966-1971)
  6. (Canadian Central Hockey League, 1971-1972) fold near end of season



  • Whythe Avenue "Outdoor" Rink (early 1900's to the Great Depression) closed due to lack of funds
  • Dryden Memorial Arena   (1948-March 1978) destroyed by fire.
  • "New" Dryden Memorial Arena # 1 (July 9, 1979-Present) capacity 1,000
  • "New" Dryden Memorial Arena # 2 (March 1988-Present) smaller than regulation surface, with no permanant seating
  • Milestone Outdoor Rink

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