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Detroit, Michigan Flag

This city's flag.

Detroit is a city of about 4,000,000 people in Michigan, United States. It is across the Detroit River from Windsor, Ontario.

Hockey in DetroitEdit


Major LeagueEdit

  1. Detroit Cougars (NHL, 1926-1930) renamed Falcons
  2. Detroit Falcons (NHL, 1930-1932) renamed Red Wings
  3. Detroit Red Wings (NHL, 1932-Present)

Michigan Stags (WHA, 1974-January 18, 1975) became Baltimore Blades

Minor LeagueEdit

Detroit Greyhounds (American Hockey Association, 1926-1927) withdrew after 6 games

Detroit Olympics (Canadian Professional Hockey League, 1927-1929) join International Hockey League

Detroit Olympics (International Hockey League, 1926-1936) merge with Pittsburgh Shamrocks to form Pittsburgh Hornets in IAHL

Detroit Auto Club (IHL, 1945-1951) folded

Detroit Bright's Goodyears (IHL, 1945-1949) folded

Detroit Metal Mouldings (IHL, 1946-1948) renamed Detroit Jerry Lynch

Detroit Jerry Lynch (IHL, 1948-1949) folded

Detroit Hettche (IHL, 1949-1952) folded

Detroit Vipers (IHL, 1994-2001) folded with league June 4, 2001

Michigan Falcons (Colonial Hockey League, 1991-1992) renamed Detroit Falcons

Detroit Falcons (Colonial Hockey League, 1992-1996) became Port Huron Border Cats

Detroit Gladiators (World_Hockey_Association, 2003) league never plays

“Detroit” (Original Stars Hockey League, 2004-2004) league folded after a couple games

Motor City Mechanics (United Hockey League, 2004-2006) folded

Detroit Dragons (All American Hockey Association, 2008-2009) folded January 5, 2009

Detroit Hitmen (All American Hockey League, 2009-December 17, 2009) became Muskegon based West Michigan Blizzard


See International Hockey League teams listed above, in early seasons was considered Senior rather than minor league

Detroit White Stars (Michigan-Ontario League, 1932-1934)

Detroit Haley AC (Michigan-Ontario League, 1932-1933)

Detroit Mundas AC (Michigan-Ontario League, 1933-1934)

Detroit Holzbaugh Ford (Michigan-Ontario League 1933-1941)

Detroit Farm Crest (Michigan-Ontario League, 1934-1935)

Detroit Tool Shop (Michigan-Ontario League, 1935-1936)

Detroit Chevrolet (Michigan-Ontario League, 1935-1936)

Detroit McLean Pontiacs (Michigan-Ontario League, 1937-1940) folded

Detroit Mainsfield Clothes (Michigan-Ontario League, 1941-1942) folded

Detroit Pariscleans (Michigan-Ontario League, 1941-1942) folded

Detroit Teamsters (Ohio State Hockey League, 1947-1948) folded

Detroit (Southwestern Senior A Hockey League, 1997-1998) had played reduced schedule

Major JuniorEdit

Detroit Compuware Ambassadors (OHL, 1990-1992) renamed Jr. Red Wings

Detroit Junior Red Wings (OHL, 1992-1995) renamed Whalers

Detroit Whalers (OHL, 1995-1997) became Plymouth Whalers


Detroit Jr. Red Wings

  1. Detroit Jr. Wings (Border Cities Junior B Hockey League, 1958-1964) join Michigan Junior Hockey League
  2. Detroit Olympia (Michigan Junior Hockey League, 1964-1970)
  3. Detroit Jr. Red Wings (SOJAHL, 1970-1975) join Great Lakes Junior Hockey League as Jr. Wings
  4. Detroit Jr. Wings (GLJHL, 1975-1983) take 1 year hiatus, return as Compuware Ambassadors
  5. Detroit Compuware Ambassadors (NAHL, 1984-2003) disbanded

Detroit Jr. Wings (NAHL, 1987-1992) renamed Freeze

Detroit Freeze (NAHL, 1992-1997) became Chicago Freeze

Detroit Belle Tire Lightning (Continental Elite Hockey League, 2001-2003) become Detroit Jr. Motor City Mechanics

Detroit Jr. Motor City Mechanics (Continental Elite Hockey League, 2003-2004)


Wayne State University Warriors (College Hockey America, 2000-2008) dropped hockey program



External LinksEdit

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