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Denver, Colorado Flag

This city's flag.

Denver is the capital and largest city in Colorado. United States.

It has a city population of 600,000 and a metropolitan population of 2,500,000.


  1. (Western Hockey League, 1968-1974) withdrew to join Central Hockey League when WHL folds
  2. (Central Hockey League,1974-1975) withdrew when city gets World Hockey Association team
  3. (World Hockey Association, 1975-1975/6) became Ottawa Civics somewhere between December 31, 1975 and January 2, 1976, the franchise folded January 16, 1976, after two home games in Ottawa
  4. (National Hockey League, 1974-1974) conditional expansion team, which never plays, city ended up with Rockies in 1976

Inline/Roller HockeyEdit

Denver Daredevils (Roller Hockey International, 1996-1996) folded

University TeamsEdit

  1. WCHA (1951-2013) join National College Hockey Conference
  2. National College Hockey Conference (2013-Present)



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