For the original International Hockey League franchise; please see Dayton Gems (original). For the modern team that played in the newer IHL and later Central Hockey League; please see Dayton Gems (2009-).

The Dayton Gems were a team that played in the North American Hockey League for part of the 2003-04 season.  The team actually played 21 games before forfeiting their next three and then folding.

The team took its name from the city's former International Hockey League team which played in the city from 1964 to 1980.

A team named the Dayton Gems also played in the independent Continental Elite Hockey League for the 2002-03 season no information is available if this is the same team.


Season GP W L T OTL SOL PTS GF GA Finish Playoffs
2003-04 24 7 16 - 1 - 15 63 110 N/A

note: record includes 3 forfeits (recorded as 1-0 loses)

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