Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

A view of Dartmouth.

Dartmouth was a city of about 65,000 people across the Bedford Basin from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is now part of the city of Halifax.


  1. (Halifax City League, 1936-1937) join Eastern Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League
  2. (Eastern Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League, 1937-1938) withdrew
  1. (Maritime Senior Hockey League, 1948-1949) folded
  2. (Metro Valley Junior A Hockey League,1969-1987) renamed Fuel Kids
  1. (Twin Cities League, 1962-1966) go independent when league folds
  2. (Independent Junior team, 1966-1967) join MVJHL as Hoyts
  1. (Metro Valley Junior A Hockey League,1989-1991) league renamed Maritime Junior A Hockey League
  2. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1991-1992) folded


After the loss of the Dartmouth Exhibition Arena to the opening of the Marks-Cross Arena ice hockey returned to the ponds in Dartmouth with the swamp at the base of Pine Street being a particular favourite.



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