Coccarda Italia

The Coppa Italia (or Italian Cup) is a competition held each year between all the clubs in Italy's top leagues, Serie A and Serie A2.

It was first competed for in 1973 and then in 1974. After that there was no competition until 1991 and then 1998. It became a regular annual tournament in 2000.


Coccarda Italia
Coppa Italia winners
Season Winner
1973 SG Cortina
1974 SG Cortina
1991 AS Asiago Hockey
1998 HC Courmaosta
2000-01 AS Asiago Hockey
2001-02 AS Asiago Hockey
2002-03 Milano Vipers
2003-04 Bolzano Foxes
2004-05 Milano Vipers
2005-06 Milano Vipers
2006-07 Bolzano Foxes
2007-08 Aquile FVG Pontebba
2008-09 Bolzano Foxes
2009-10 SV Renon
Flag of Italy
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