The Copa de la Federacion (the Federation's Cup) is a Cup tournament held in Spain since 2009. Initially, this Cup was supposed to be known as the Copa Pirenaica and pit together teams from the Spanish and French Pyrenees region together. However, the project had to be cancelled before being born because the French clubs couldn't reach an agreement to participate. The tournament was thus renamed Copa de la Federacion and played on the same dates as the Copa Pirenaica was scheduled, but only with the Spanish teams.

The first edition held in 2009 was not exactly a success. While the qualification rounds and semifinals proceeded smoothly, the final between C.H. Jaca and C.G. Puigcerdà was another story. Puigcerdà showed up to the rink with only eight players, as most of the players on the squad had work commitments that couldn't be cancelled. In front of them, Jaca iced a full-strenght squad. Despite the serious disbalance, the game was nevertheless started, only to be stopped after 3 minutes and 21 seconds when Puigcerdà goaltender Juraj Nemčák injured himself and was forced to leave the rink. With no goalie left and a seriously unfavoured squad, Puigcerdà asked the Federation if the game couldn't be postponed until January 6th, a holiday in Spain. Both the Federation and Jaca refused this request and Jaca was granted a 5-0 forfeit win. Puigcerdà, feeling victim of an injustice, threatened to pull its team from every competitions (which they finally did not do).

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