Cooperalls are a type of discontinued ice hockey equipment, which were made by hockey manufacturer Cooper Canada Ltd.. They consisted of a girdle with built in pads that wore snug to the body. Over the girdle is a shell, which came in two sizes: a traditional looking hockey pant (down to the knee) or a long pant (down to the ankle). The long pants became synonymous with the name Cooperalls and were worn in place of hockey shorts and did not require leggings. Cooperalls were the standard for youth hockey players in the early 80s. Cooperalls were first used professionally by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1981–82 NHL season. The Hartford Whalers wore them for the 1982–83 NHL season. Following considerable criticism[1] and concern for player safety, the NHL banned the use of long pants.[2] However, the girdle and short shell design is still available from some hockey manufacturers.


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