Association Chinese Ice Hockey Association
GM Flag of China Wang Qiangjun
Head coach Flag of China Guan Xiaobo
Assistants Flag of China Wu Guofeng
Captain Hu Tianyu
Most points Yu Xianghi (14)
First international
Flag of France France 11 - 4 China Flag of China
(Gap, France; March 21, 1986)
Biggest win
Flag of China China 12 - 0 Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria
(Sofia, Bulgaria; January 10, 2004)
Flag of China China 15 - 3 Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria
(Ankara, Turkey; January 9, 2007)
Biggest defeat
Flag of Hungary Hungary 20 - 1 China Flag of China
(Debrecen, Hungary; December 18, 2009)
International record (W-L-T)

The Chinese men's national under 20 ice hockey team is the national under-20 ice hockey team in China. The team represents China at the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Junior Hockey Championship Division II.

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