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Chicago, Illinois Flag

This city's flag.

Chicago is a city in Illinois, United States.

It has a population of about 2,800,000 with a metropolitan region of over 9,500,000.

Hockey in ChicagoEdit

Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic 2009, held at Wrigley Field

NHL All Star Games: 1948, 1961, 1974, 1991


  1. (All American Hockey Association, 2009-2009) see AAHL
  2. (All American hockey League, 2009-2009) fold after 18 games
  1. Great Lakes Junior Hockey League, 2011-2012) join Minnesota Junior Hockey League
  2. (Minnesota Junior Hockey League, 2012-Present)
  1. (AHA, 1926-1927) renamed Americans March 17, 1927
  2. (Continental Hockey League, 1972-1976) folded
  3. (Continental Hockey League, 1978-1986)
  1. (Southern Elite Hockey League, 1998-1999) folded
  2. (Central States Hockey League, 2004-2010) see NA3HL as Chicago Hitmen
  1. (NAHL, 2010-2012) folded
  2. (NA3HL, 2010-2012) sitting out 2012-13 season
  1. (IHL, 1994-2001) join AHL when league folds
  2. (AHL, 2001-Present)
  1. (Mid-Atlantic Hockey League, 2008-2008) join AAHA
  2. (All American Hockey Association, 2009-2009) see AAHL
  3. (All American hockey League, 2009-2010) leave league to play junior level
  4. (All American hockey League, 2010-2011) mid-season replacement team for Indiana Blizzard



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