The Celtic Cup was founded by Richard 'Rambo' Gray in 2005 with the first match being held in 2006. It is a British University Ice Hockey competition to feature any Celtic teams who join the British Universities Ice Hockey Association. At present the competition is a one-off match held each year between Cardiff Redhawks and Edinburgh Eagles. These matches are often extremely spirited affairs with both sides wanting to play hard, but at the end of the game the friendships made remain. The Celtic Cup is set to be named the Richard 'Rambo' Gray Celtic Cup at the end of his University playing Career in 2010.


Celtic CupEdit

Date Score Location
2006 31 March Edinburgh Eagles 9 - 4 Cardiff Redhawks Murrayfield Ice Rink
2007 26 January Cardiff Redhawks 3 - 7 Edinburgh Eagles Cardiff Bay Arena
2008 30 March Edinburgh Eagles 19 - 1 Cardiff Redhawks Murrayfield Ice Rink
2009 14 March Cardiff Redhawks 1 - 4 Edinburgh Eagles Cardiff Bay Arena

Celtic PlateEdit

Date Score Location
2009 15 March Cardiff Redhawks B 5 - 3 Edinburgh Beagles Cardiff Bay Arena

Legends of the Cup and PlateEdit

  • Richard 'Rambo' Gray: The founder of the Cup. Posted 1 assist through 4 Celtic Cup contests. Captained Edinburgh to victory in 2007.
  • Bleddyn 'Blev' Carrington: First player to Captain Cardiff in the Celtic Cup in 2006. Helped put the whole thing together at Cardiff's end.
  • David Rogers: The only Cardiff player to play in all four cups from 2006-2009.
  • Matt Tisley: Cardiff's top goal scorer in the first Cup in 2006. Scored the first goal ever in the Celtic Cup.
  • Kenney ' Sunshine' Collins: Won the first four cups 2006-2009. Also one of two Edinburgh Squad members to play in the Cup and Plate in same year (2009) as a goaltender and player respectively.
  • Edward Begley: One of two Edinburgh Squad members to play in the Cup and Plate in same year (2009) as a player and goaltender respectively.
  • Ian 'King' Arthur: First scorer in the Plate Competition.
  • Philip 'Fil' Eddy: Along with being called up for 2 cups he Captained Cardiff B to the win the inaugraul Plate contest.

Celtic PlateEdit

A new competition has been added between Edinburgh and Cardiff's B teams, the affectionately named Beagles and Breadhawks.

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