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This was a senior hockey league that ran on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. It operated under the authority of the Maritimes Amateur Hockey Association and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association.

It ran in 1926-27, from 1933-34 to 1942-43, and from 1945-46 to 1949-50. In 1950-51 it became, for one season, the Cape Breton Major Hockey League before folding with Glace Bay and Sydney joining the Maritime Major Hockey League.

The league was ressurected in 1956 and operated until it folded at the end of the 1964-65 season. This version of the league collapsed in December of 1964 and what teams remained played an independent schedule for the rest of the season.

Its teams were eligible for the Allan Cup.

League ChampionsEdit

1926-27 Sydney St Thomas

1933-34 Sydney Knights of Columbus

1934-35 Sydney Domcos

1935-36 Sydney Telephones

1936-37 Sydney Telephones

1937-38 Glace Bay Miners

1938-39 Sydney Millionaires

1939-40 Sydney Millionaires

1940-41 Sydney Millionaires

1941-42 Glace Bay Miners

1942-43 Glace Bay RCAF

1945-46 New Waterford Strands

1946-47 Glace Bay Miners

1947-48 Sydney Millionaires

1948-49 Sydney Millionaires

1949-50 Sydney Millionaires

1958-59 Glace Bay Miners

1959-60 Sydney Millionaires

1960-61 Glace Bay Miners

1961-62 North Sydney Victorias

1962-63 Glace Bay Miners

1963-64 Sydney Millionaires

1964-65 Glace Bay Moosehead Miners

Teams (1933-1943)Edit

*-Don't have information on 1935-1936 season. Not sure of first/last seasons for these teams.

Sydney Knights of Columbus (1933-1934)

  • Sydney Domcos (1933-1935*)

Sydney Post-Record (1933-1934)

Sydney Co-Operatives (1933-1934)

Sydney Telephones (1933-1937)

Glace Bay Sunocos (1934-1935)

  • Glace Bay Sunoco Cubs (1936-1937) renamed Miners
  • Reserve Mines (1936-1938)
  • Sydney Advertisers (1936-1937)

Sydney Millionaires (1937-1942)

Northside Monarchs (1937-1938) renamed North Sydney Monarchs

Glace Bay Miners (1937-1942)

North Sydney Monarchs (1938-1939) renamed Victorias

North Sydney Victorias (1939-1942)

Sydney Army (1942-1943)

Sydney Navy (1942-1943)

Glace Bay RCAF (1942-1943)

Teams 1946-1950 (league became Cape Breton Major Hockey League)Edit

Glace Bay Miners (1946-1950) join Cape Breton Major Hockey League

New Waterford Bruins (1946-1948) folded

Sydney Millionaires (1946-1950) join Cape Breton Major Hockey League

Northside (Sydney) Victorias (1948-1950) join Cape Breton Major Hockey League

Teams 1956-1964Edit

North Sydney Combines (1956-1959) renamed Victorias

Glace Bay Miners (1956-1964) renamed Moosehead Miners

Sydney Millionaires (1956-1965) go independent, fold after season

North Sydney Victorias (1959-1963) folded

Antigonish Bulldogs (1963-1964) folded

Glace Bay Moosehead Miners (1964-1965) go independent fold after season

See alsoEdit

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