Major Junior (1970 to Present): The champions of the Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and Western Hockey League, along with a host club (since 83), have met each spring (except 71) in a round-robin series with the two top teams playing off in a sudden-death game to determine the Memorial Cup champions. Since 75, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has been the governing body for Major Junior Hockey in Canada. Its precursor was the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA).

Ontario Hockey League 1970-71 Present
Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) 1970-71 1973-74
Ontario Major Junior Hockey League (OMJHL) 1974-75 1979-80
Ontario Hockey League (OHL) 1980-81 Present
Quebec Major Junior Hockey League 1970-71 Present
Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) 1970-71 Present
Western Hockey League 1971-72 Present
Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) 1971-72 1977-78
Western Hockey League (WHL) 1978-79 Present

Prior, the champions of the Ontario Hockey Association and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League played in Junior A, and challenged for the Memorial Cup. The Western Hockey League predecessors (1967-71), were not sanctioned by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, except 1968, and considered an outlaw league. In 1968 Western Canada Junior Hockey League champion represented Saskatchewan in Memorial Cup play.

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