1933-34 Quebec Castors program, showing many of the teams' logos.

The Canadian-American Hockey League existed from 1926 until the 1936. Following the 1935-36 season the CAHL merged with the original International Hockey League to form the International-American Hockey League for the 1936 season. The International-American Hockey League became the American Hockey League in 1940.



Season Regular season Playoffs
1935-36 Philadelphia Ramblers Philadelphia Ramblers
1934-35 Boston Bruin Cubs Boston Bruin Cubs
1933-34 Providence Reds Providence Reds
1932-33 Philadelphia Arrows Boston Cubs
1931-32 Providence Reds Providence Reds
1930-31 Springfield Indians Springfield Indians
1929-30 Providence Reds Providence Reds
1928-29 Boston Tigers Boston Tigers
1927-28 Springfield Indians Springfield Indians
1926-27 New Haven Eagles Springfield Indians


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