As a result of a large move of teams to the west coast the the American Hockey League realigned for the 2015-16 season. This resulted in two unbalanced conferences with the Western Conference having 14 teams in two seven team divisions and the Eastern Conference having 16 teams in two eight team divisions.

The following setup can be used for AHL season pages and Calder Cup Playoff pages starting with the 2015-16 AHL Season and the 2016 Calder Cup Playoffs.

Calder Cup PlayoffsEdit

Due to the realignment of the league the playoff format was changed:

  • The playoff format is now a division based format with the top four teams in each division qualifying for the playoffs with one exception if the fifth place team in one division has a better points percentage than the fourth place team in the other division within the conference they will assume the fouth place team's place in the other division's bracket.
  • The division semi-final round is best-of-five with the division final, conference final and Calder Cup final rounds all being best-of-seven.
  Division Semi-finals Division Finals Conference Finals Calder Cup Final
Eastern Conference
Western Conference

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