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CKAC Sports

This station's logo.

CKAC is the only 24-hours French-language traffic radio station at 730AM in Montreal, Quebec. It is now known as Radio Circulation 730 with the slogan "La circulation, en tout temps."

History Edit

  • 3/5/1922: The CKAC's construction was announced.
  • 2/10/1922: This station was officially launched.
  • 1929-1940: It was an affiliate of CBS network.
  • 1950: Increasing daytime power to 10,000 watts and began broadcasting 24/7.
  • 1/10/1950: CKAC began broadcasting "Le Chapelet en famille".
  • 13/1/1958: It increased power to 50,000 watts.
  • 1970-1980: It was one of a few stations in Canada to reach 1,000,000 listeners at that time.
  • Early 2000s: CKAC lost significant numbers of listeners to CBF-FM.
  • 30/5/2005: Corus closed the reputed CKAC newsroom.
  • 1/3/2007: It airs an all-sports format.
  • 2/9/2010: CKAC stopped its sports format and played a wide variety of music.
  • 6/9/2010: Become first French station in Canada to broadcast traffic "all the time".

Programming Edit

The regular traffic programming is broadcast at 4:30 in weekdays and 6:00 in weekends. Everyday, CKAC stops live reports at 1:00. Traffic is delivered every 5 minutes, with 170 cameras on the traffic center. Listeners can call the traffic tipline at: 5147900231.

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