A builder, in ice hockey, is a person who works to "manage" or build the game. It does not include forwards, defencemen nor goaltenders. The Hockey Hall of Fame has a section specifically for builders.

Hockey Hall of Fame Builders Edit

Name Election
Adams, Charles F.Charles F. Adams 1960
Adams, Weston W.Weston W. Adams 1972
Ahearn, FrankFrank Ahearn 1962
Ahearne, BunnyBunny Ahearne 1977
Arbour, AlAl Arbour 1996
Allan, H. MontaguH. Montagu Allan 1945
Allen, KeithKeith Allen 1992
Ballard, HaroldHarold Ballard 1977
Bauer (ice hockey), DavidDavid Bauer (ice hockey) 1989
Bickell, J. P.J. P. Bickell 1978
Bowman, ScottyScotty Bowman 1991
Brown, George V.George V. Brown 1961
Brown, Walter A.Walter A. Brown 1962
Buckland, FrankFrank Buckland 1975
Butterfield, JackJack Butterfield 1980
Calder, FrankFrank Calder 1947
Campbell, Angus DanielAngus Daniel Campbell 1964
Cattarinich, JosephJoseph Cattarinich 1966
Dandurand, LeoLeo Dandurand 1977
Dilio, FrankFrank Dilio 1964
Dudley, GeorgeGeorge Dudley 1958
Dunn (ice hockey), JamesJames Dunn (ice hockey) 1968
Eagleson*, AlanAlan Eagleson* 1989
Francis, EmileEmile Francis 1982
Gibson, JackJack Gibson 1976
Gorman, TommyTommy Gorman 1963
Griffiths, FrankFrank Griffiths 1993
Hanley, BillBill Hanley 1986
Hay, CharlesCharles Hay 1974
Hendy, JimJim Hendy 1968
Hewitt, FosterFoster Hewitt 1965
Hewitt, W. A.W. A. Hewitt 1947
Hume, FredFred Hume 1962
Imlach, PunchPunch Imlach 1984
Ivan, TommyTommy Ivan 1974
Jennings, William M.William M. Jennings 1975
Johnson, BobBob Johnson 1992
Juckes, GordonGordon Juckes 1979
Kilpatrick, JohnJohn Kilpatrick 1960
Knox III, SeymourSeymour Knox III 1993
Leader, AlAl Leader 1969
LeBel, RobertRobert LeBel 1970
Lockhart, TommyTommy Lockhart 1965
Loicq, PaulPaul Loicq 1961
Mariucci, JohnJohn Mariucci 1985
Mathers, FrankFrank Mathers 1992
McLaughlin, FredericFrederic McLaughlin 1963
Milford, JakeJake Milford 1984
Molson, HartlandHartland Molson 1973
Nelson, FrancisFrancis Nelson 1947
Norris, BruceBruce Norris 1969
D. Norris, JamesJames D. Norris 1962
Norris, James E.James E. Norris 1958
Northey, WilliamWilliam Northey 1947
O'Brien, AmbroseAmbrose O'Brien 1962
O'Neill, BrianBrian O'Neill 1994
Page, FredFred Page 1993
Patrick, FrankFrank Patrick 1958
Pickard, AllanAllan Pickard 1958
Pilous, RudyRudy Pilous 1985
Poile, BudBud Poile 1990
Pollock, SamSam Pollock 1978
Raymond, Senator Donat Senator Donat Raymond 1958
Robertson, John RossJohn Ross Robertson 1947
Robinson, Claude C.Claude C. Robinson 1947
Ross, PhilipPhilip Ross 1976
Sabetzki, GüntherGünther Sabetzki 1995
Selke, Frank J.Frank J. Selke 1960
Sinden, HarryHarry Sinden 1983
Smith, FrankFrank Smith 1962
Smythe, ConstantineConstantine Smythe 1958
Snider, EdEd Snider 1988
Stanley, LordLord Stanley 1945
Sutherland, James T.James T. Sutherland 1947
Tarasov, AnatoliAnatoli Tarasov 1974
Torrey, BillBill Torrey 1995
Turner, LloydLloyd Turner 1958
Thayer Tutt, WilliamWilliam Thayer Tutt 1978
Voss, CarlCarl Voss 1974
Waghorne, FredFred Waghorne 1961
Wirtz, ArthurArthur Wirtz 1971
Wirtz, BillBill Wirtz 1976
Ziegler, JohnJohn Ziegler 1987
Lamoriello, LouLou Lamoriello 2009

* Alan Eagleson resigned in 1998 after being found guilty of fraud.

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