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The Budweiser NHL Man of the Year Award was sponsored by Anheuser-Busch to award an National Hockey League player based on his sportsmanship and involvement with charitable groups. Every NHL team nominates a player and the winner would be chosen by a panel of judges at the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs and receive $21,000 to donate to their charities.[1] The award lasted from the 1987-88 season til the 1991-92 season. After its inactivity the NHL established the NHL Foundation Player Award, which serves a similar function six years later.


Season Winner Nationality Position Team Note
1987–88 Trottier, BryanBryan Trottier Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of the United States United States
Centre New York Islanders [2]
1988–89 McDonald, LannyLanny McDonald Flag of Canada.svg Canada Right wing Calgary Flames [3]
1989–90 Lowe, KevinKevin Lowe Flag of Canada.svg Canada Defencemen Edmonton Oilers [4]
1990–91 Dineen, KevinKevin Dineen Flag of Canada.svg Canada Right wing Hartford Whalers [5]
1991–92 Walter, RyanRyan Walter Flag of Canada.svg Canada Centre Vancouver Canucks [6]


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