Bucket / Brain Bucket : (Noun) A helmet. Helmets actually appeared in hockey as early as with George Owen in 1928-29 but they were not made mandatory in the NHL until 1979, with a grandfathered "exception rule" for all players currently playing.

Modern helmets are filled with a vinyl cushion for maximum impact dispersion, are measured to head size, and have hard points for attaching clear visors (part face coverage) or shields (full face coverage). In most lesser leagues, "full cage - style" face masks (full face plus chin cushion coverage) are mandatory. In the NHL, the choice of face protection is still one's preference. Visors offer vision and some protection against "high stick" infractions, but restrict air flow and catch ice particles, causing overheating and requiring toweling. Some prefer no coverage at all, negating the hassle of keeping the lens clean at the cost of some safety. Should one's helmet fall off during play, they may continue to skate and play without retrieving it until the nearest reasonable opportunity.

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