Brynäs IF is a professional ice hockey club of Sweden, playing in the country's top level, the Elitserien. While Brynäs IF is a multi-sports club, but it is especially known for its hockey club. It was founded in 1912; the hockey branch was created in 1939. Their home games are played at the Läkerol Arena.

The club has 13 Swedish Championships since its birth: 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1993, 1999, 2012.

Current squadEdit

Number Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
1 Flag of Slovenia

Robert Kristan L 2006 Jesenice, Slovenia
30 Flag of Sweden

Daniel Sperrle L 2006 Sundbyberg, Sweden
Number Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
2 Flag of Sweden

Niklas Andersson R 2002 Danderyd, Sweden
3 Flag of Sweden

Daniel Johansson R 2000 Glimåkra, Sweden
4 Flag of Sweden

Linus Morin L 2003 Uppsala, Sweden
5 Flag of Finland

Antti Hulkkonen L 2006 Liperi, Finland
7 Flag of Sweden

Tommy Sjödin R 1999 Timrå, Sweden
8 Flag of the United-States

Nicholas Angell R 2006 Duluth, Minnesota, USA
10 Flag of Sweden

Peter Nolander L 2006 Karlstad, Sweden
22 Flag of Sweden

Jörgen Sundqvist L 2005 Härnösand, Sweden
28 Flag of Sweden

Daniel Casselståhl L 2003 Gävle, Sweden
29 Flag of Latvia

Rodrigo Lavins L 2005 Riga, Latvia
Number Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
12 Flag of Sweden

Andreas Dackell R 2004 Gävle, Sweden
14 Flag of Sweden

Mattias Månsson L 2005 Hofors, Sweden
16 Flag of Sweden

Richard Gynge R 2006 Tyresö, Sweden
17 Flag of Sweden

Daniel Hermansson R 2005 Borlänge, Sweden
19 Flag of Sweden

Nicklas Bäckström L 2001 Gävle, Sweden
20 Flag of Sweden

Johannes Salmonsson L 2006 Uppsala, Sweden
21 Flag of Sweden

Ove Molin L 1997 Huddinge, Sweden
23 Flag of Sweden

Björn Danielsson L 2001 Märsta, Sweden
24 Flag of Norway

Mads Hansen L 2006 Oslo, Norway
27 Flag of Norway

Lars Erik Spets L 2005 Trondheim, Norway
33 Flag of Sweden

Sebastian Karlsson L 2006 Gothenburg, Sweden
36 Flag of Sweden

Mikael Lind R 2003 Gävle, Sweden
41 Flag of Slovakia

Jiri Bicek L 2006 Kosice, Slovakia


Brynäs Greats ==

Anders Carlsson

Johan Holmqvist

Fredrik Modin

William Löfqvist

Ove Molin

Mats Näslund

Lars-Göran Nilsson

Chris Phillips

Börje Salming

Andreas Dackell


Retired numbers ==

6. Tord Lundström

26. Anders Huss

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