The Brockville Canadiens were a junior team in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. It played one season (1959-60) in the Metropolitan Montreal Junior League.

From 1956-57 through 1958-59, the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League maintained their primary junior farm team in Ottawa (Ottawa-Hull Canadiens).

In 1959, the Eastern Professional Hockey League was formed with a Montreal Canadiens' farm team in Ottawa. To avoid a conflict, the Canadiens moved the junior team to Brockville.

Their coach was future Montreal Canadiens' coach Claude Ruel.

The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association ruled that all teams wishing to play for the Memorial Cup had to play in a league. The Ottawa-Hull Canadiens had not. To get around this in a way, the Brockville Canadiens played in the Metropolitan League.

The Junior Canadiens played also played exhibition games against junior A teams from the Ontario Hockey Association.

The Brockville Junior Canadiens finished in first place in the Metropolitan League. Instead of playing in the league playoffs, they immediately went into the 1959-60 Quebec Junior Playoffs. They eventually lost the final of the 1959-60 Eastern Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs to the St Catharines TeePees.

The team was not a financial success. In 1960 the team was moved to Hull where it became the Hull Canadiens of the Interprovincial Senior Hockey League


1959-60 25- 1-0-52

Players who went on to the NHLEdit

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