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The Broadmoor Trophy has been awarded to the Playoff Champion of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association since 1985, as a tangible symbol for the team winning the league's NCAA Tournament automatic bid. The trophy itself dates to 1981, when it was awarded to the WCHA regular season champion for three seasons, from 1982 to 1984. During that time, the Broadmoor Trophy served as the replacement for the MacNaughton Cup, traditionally awarded to the WCHA regular season champion.

Origins Edit

The Broadmoor Trophy was commissioned as a replacement for the venerable MacNaughton Cup, held in trust by Michigan Tech. In 1981, Michigan Tech left the WCHA for the Central Collegiate Hockey Association, taking the Cup with them. To fill the void, the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Complex of Colorado Springs, Colorado presented a new trophy to the WCHA to award to their regular season champion.

The Broadmoor Hotel has a long history of supporting college hockey. The Broadmoor Ice Palace, later renamed as the Broadmoor World Arena, on the resort grounds was the long time home of the Colorado College Tigers. Additionally, the Palace hosted the first 10 Frozen Fours, from 1948 to 1957, and hosted for an 11th time in 1969. Ironically, despite the strong historical connections between the Broadmoor Hotel and Colorado College, the Tigers have never won the Broadmoor Trophy.

Crowning Playoff Kings Edit

With Michigan Tech's return to the WCHA, so to returned the MacNaughton Cup. The MacNaughton slid back into its traditional role as the award for the WCHA regular season champion, while the Broadmoor Trophy began its current role as the award for the winners of the WCHA post-season tournament.

Winners Edit

The Broadmoor Trophy has been awarded every year since 1982. From 1982 to 1984, the trophy was awarded to the WCHA Regular Season Champions.

  • 1983 - Minnesota (Regular Season Champions)
  • 1985 - Minnesota-Duluth
  • 1987 - North Dakota
  • 1990 - Wisconsin
  • 1991 - Northern Michigan
  • 1992 - Northern Michigan
  • 1993 - Minnesota
  • 1994 - Minnesota
  • 1995 - Wisconsin
  • 1996 - Minnesota
  • 1997 - North Dakota
  • 1998 - Wisconsin
  • 1999 - Denver
  • 2000 - North Dakota
  • 2002 - Denver
  • 2003 - Minnesota
  • 2004 - Minnesota
  • 2005 - Denver

External Links Edit

The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Complex

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