The British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1948 and is the third oldest Hockey Hall of Fame in the world behind the Russian and Soviet Hockey Hall of Fame (also founded in 1948) and the International Hockey Hall of Fame (founded in 1943). The Hall honors those individuals that have made important contributions to the sport of hockey in Britain. The Hall houses displays and exhibitions of memorabilia depicting significant contributions of players, coaches, referees and other individuals.

The Hall of Fame was founded by the weekly Ice Hockey World newspaper in 1948. When the newspaper stopped being published in 1958, the Hall of Fame ceased to exist. In 1986, The Hall was reestablished by the British Ice Hockey Writer's Association (now called Ice Hockey Journalists UK (IHJUK)).

A sub-committee of IHJUK meets each year to decide on a list of potential inductees. To be inducted, individuals must have contributed "outstanding service to British Ice Hockey".

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List of members of the British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame

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