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The British Championship is the most prestigious ice hockey cup competition in the United Kingdom, and also the longest established ice hockey competition. It has been run under various formats and titles since 1930 and contested annually since 1966. It was originally known as the Patton Cup, then the Icy Smith Cup, the Heineken Championship and latterly as the Sekonda Playoff Championship. Some contests were only recognised as representing the Championship retroactively.

In its current format, the eight highest placed teams in the Elite Ice Hockey League contest quarter finals, the winners going on to semi finals and then the deciding one-leg final.


1930 London Lions (1) Glasgow Mohawks
1960 Brighton Tigers (1) Nottingham Panthers
1966 Murrayfield Racers (1) Durham Hornets
1967 Glasgow Dynamos (1) Murrayfield Racers
1968 Paisley Mohawks (1) Durham Wasps
1969 Murrayfield Racers (2) Glasgow Dynamos
1970 Murrayfield Racers (3) Glasgow Dynamos
1971 Murrayfield Racers (4) Durham Wasps
1972 Murrayfield Racers (5) Fife Flyers
1973 Whitley Warriors (1) Murrayfield Racers
1974 Whitley Warriors (2) Streatham Redskins
1975 Murrayfield Racers (6) Streatham Redskins
1976 Ayr Bruins (1) Streatham Redskins
1977 Fife Flyers (1) Southampton Vikings
1978 Fife Flyers (2) Southampton Vikings
1979 Murrayfield Racers (7) Streatham Redskins
1980 Murrayfield Racers (8) Solihull Barons
1981 Murrayfield Racers (9) Streatham Redskins
1982 Dundee Rockets (1) Streatham Redskins
1983 Dundee Rockets (2) Durham Wasps
1984 Dundee Rockets (3) Murrayfield Racers
1985 Fife Flyers (3) Murrayfield Racers
1986 Murrayfield Racers (10) Dundee Rockets
1987 Durham Wasps (1) Murrayfield Racers
1988 Durham Wasps (2) Fife Flyers
1989 Nottingham Panthers (1) Ayr Bruins
1990 Cardiff Devils (1) Murrayfield Racers
1991 Durham Wasps (3) Peterborough Pirates
1992 Durham Wasps (4) Nottingham Panthers
1993 Cardiff Devils (2) Humberside Seahawks
1994 Cardiff Devils (3) Sheffield Steelers
1995 Sheffield Steelers (1) Murrayfield Racers
1996 Sheffield Steelers (2) Nottingham Panthers
1997 Sheffield Steelers (3) Nottingham Panthers
1998 Ayr Scottish Eagles (1) Cardiff Devils
1999 Cardiff Devils (4) Nottingham Panthers
2000 London Knights (1) Newcastle Riverkings
2001 Sheffield Steelers (4) London Knights
2002 Sheffield Steelers (5) Manchester Storm
2003 Belfast Giants (1) London Knights
2004 Sheffield Steelers (6) Nottingham Panthers
2005 Coventry Blaze (1) Nottingham Panthers
2006 Newcastle Vipers (1) Sheffield Steelers
2007 Nottingham Panthers (2) Cardiff Devils
2008 Sheffield Steelers (7) Coventry Blaze
2009 Sheffield Steelers (8) Nottingham Panthers

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