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Brian Bradley (b. December 14th 1944 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) is a retired professional left winger who played chiefly in the minor leagues, but also did play 190 games in the World Hockey Association.

Bradley began his pro career in 1965-66 as he joined the Oklahoma City Blazers, the then farm team of the Boston Bruins. Bradley however never suitedf up for the Bruins, nor any National Hockey League team for that matters; he rather stayed in the minors until 1972-73, where he made his major league debuts in the World Hockey Association with the New York Raiders. His WHA career was not very long, merely two seasons and a half punctuated with further minor league stays. In 1976, Bradley called it quits and retired from playing.

Bradley will forever stand as the Oklahoma City Blazers' second all-time top scorer with 188 points, behind Gregg Sheppard.

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