Whl--brandon regals 1956-57

Brandon Regals 1956-1957


The Brandon Regals were a minor pro team in Brandon, Manitoba. They played for two seasons in the Western Hockey League - 1955-56 and 1956-57. They played in the Wheat City Arena.

The Regals started out in Regina in the 1955-56 season but moved to Brandon in December because of low attendance.

They won the Lester Patrick Trophy (Western Hockey League championship) in 1956-57 and then lost the 1956-57 Edinburgh Trophy Final to the Quebec Aces. Despite their on-ice success, they lost a lot of money due to Brandon's small population.

The next season the Regals split their home games between Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and St. Paul, Minnesota as the Saskatoon/St. Paul Regals.

This was the only modern professional hockey team in Brandon.


Norm Johnson in the Brandon Regals' uniform


Jim Hay in the Regina Regals' uniform.

Brandon Regals who played in the NHLEdit

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