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Brandon is a city of over 50,000 in southwestern Manitoba, Canada.


  1. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1938-1940) went on leave of absence
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1945-1947) renamed Wheat Kings
  3. (Big Six Intermediate Hockey League, 1951-1956) folded October 21, 1956
  1. (Manitoba and Northwestern Hockey Association, 1903-1904) join MHA
  2. (Manitoba Hockey Association, 1904-1907) fold one game into season
  1. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1937-1938) renamed Elks
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1947-1954) granted leave of absence
  3. (Big Six Intermediate Hockey League, 1954-1956) jion WHL
  4. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1958-1964) transfer to Saskatewan Junior Hockey League
  5. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1964-1966) join MJHL
  6. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1966-1967) join CMJHL
  7. (Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, 1967-1968) league renamed WCHL
  8. Western Canada Hockey League, 1968-1978) league renamed WHL
  9. (Western Hockey League, 1978-Present)

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