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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in southeastern Europe. It has a population of about 4,600,000.

The capital and largest city is Sarajevo. It borders Croatia to the north, west, and south, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the southeast.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of the former country of Yugoslavia until it gained its independence in 1992.

Bosnia and Herzegovina





















IIHF Since

May 10,2001





On May 10, 2001 Bosnia and Herzegovina became a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

The first ice hockey in Bosnia & Herzegovina was played in Sarajevo in 1953.

In 2002 the Bosnian national team played its first games since 1992. They lost in the tournament to HK Vojvodina 2-12 and Serbia and Montenegro 4-10. Bosnia also participated in an international tournament held in Novi Sad, together with HK Vojvodina, Yugoslavia, Jesenice from Slovenia and Zillina from Slovakia. The Bosnian juniors played in Belgrad U18 in April 2002 together with Partizan Belgrad and Tas from Yugoslavia and Dinamo Bucharest from Romania.

In December 2007 the Bosnian national team played a friendly game against Croatian club HK INA Sisak and lost 2-8.

Between February 15-17, 2008 the Bosnian national team hosted the Division III qualifying tournament. Aside from Bosnia Greece and Armenia also played. The juniors of Bosnia & Herzegovina made their debut at the Division III U18 World Championships in 2004, held in Bulgaria. The team finished last after losing all six games.

In February 2005, their U18 national team participated in the qualification tournament for the Division III U18 championship. they beat Armenia 12-3 but lost to the host, Turkey 3-6, and thus failed to qualify. Bosnia lost to Greece 10-1 on February 15 2008. Bosnia and Herzegovina has not participated in any IIHF tournaments since 2005

Un 2002-2003 and 2009-10 there was a national championship held in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Four teams played 16 games each. . HK Champion and HK Jahorina ceased to exist shortly thereafter. In 2009-10 the winner of the Bosnian League was Stari Grad Vukovi, Bosna Lisice finished 2nd Alfa Medvjedi finished in 3rd place.

Final League Standings 2002-2003

1 HK Bosna 32 points

2 HK Ildizia 2010 24 Points

3 HK Jahorina 12 Points

4 HK Champion 8 Points


HK Bosna vs HK Ildizia 2010 7-2 and 11-3

In January 2007 the HK Bosna team played two games against KHL INA Sisak from Croatia, losing the first 4-6 and winning the next one 7-5. On February 10,2007 HK Bosna lost to HK INA Sisak 5-4. In December 2006 a new ice rink opened at the Studentski Centar in Banja Luka and one in Tuzla. The ice rink in Zetra was renovated a few years ago. There have been rumors about new rinks in Sarajevo and Zenica.

National TeamEdit

Bosnia and Herzegovina men's national ice hockey team


BiH Hockey League

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