The Bohemian national ice hockey team won the golden medals at the European championships in 1911 and 1914, years before Bohemia, a kingdom within Austria-Hungary, became a part of Czechoslovakia, another successful ice hockey superpower.

When Germany occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939, the country was split up and Bohemia re-emerged until the liberation in 1945.

After the split of Czechoslovakia, the Czech national ice hockey team continued the tradition of the Bohemian team. See also the Czechoslovak national ice hockey team.

European Championships In 1911, Bohemia first entered the European championships. In the first game of the tournament, Bohemia destroyed Switzerland 13-0, followed by other big wins against Germany and Belgium. Bohemia won the silver in 1913, and then Gold again in 1914.

  • First match: January 23, 1909, Chamonix, France: Flag of France France 8-1 Flag of Bohemia Bohemia
  • Last match: February 24, 1940, Garmisch, Germany: Flag of Bohemia Bohemia 5-0 Flag of Germany Germany
  • Largest victory: January 18, 1914, Les Avants, Switzerland: Flag of Bohemia Bohemia 17-0 Flag of Belgium Belgium
  • Largest defeat: January 24, 1909, Chamonix, France: Flag of Great Britain United Kingdom 11-0 Flag of Bohemia Bohemia

European Championship RecordEdit

Year Location Result
1911 Berlin, Germany Gold
1912 Prague, Austria-Hungary Annulled
1913 Munich, Germany Silver
1914 Berlin, Germany Gold

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