Bob Leduc (born May 24, 1944 in Sudbury, Ontario) was a professional ice hockey player who played 158 games in the World Hockey Association (WHA). He played with the Ottawa Nationals and Toronto Toros.[1]

He played junior hockey for the Sudbury Wolves in 1963-64 and turned pro with the Providence Reds the next season. Except for a short stint with the New York Rovers, Leduc played exclusively with the Reds until 1972.

In that year Leduc signed with the Ottawa Nationals and played two-and-a-half seasons with the Nationals and Toros, scoring 47 goals and 66 assists in 158 games.

Midway through the 1974-75 season, Leduc was named as the team's head coach. In 1975-76 he became the playing-coach of the Maine Nordiques.

He retired in 1977.


References Edit

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