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Bloomington, Minnesota

Bloomington City Hall in 2006.

Bloomington is a city of about 80,000 people. It is a part of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul urban area.

It was the home of the Minnesota North Stars.

Bloomington hosted the 25th National Hockey League All-Star Game in 1972.

It also hosted the 1989 NHL Entry Draft


  1. (Midwest Junior Hockey League, 1975-1977) join USHL when league disbands
  2. (USHL, 1977-1984) renamed Minneapolis Stars



  • Bloomington Ice Garden (1970-Present) smaller arena home to the junior teams that have played in Bloomington
  • Met Center (1967-1994) known as Metropolitan Sports Center (1967-1982)
  • Oak Grove Park Rink
  • Poplar Bridge Park Rink
  • Brye Park Rink
  • Haeg Park Rink
  • Gene C. Kelly Park Rink
  • Southglen Park Rink
  • Southwood Park Rink
  • Tarnhill Park Rink
  • Brookside Park Rink
  • Bryant Park Rink
  • Ridgeview Park Rink
  • Westwood Park Rink
  • Sunrise Park Rink
  • Running Park Rink

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