Bill Purcell was the York University hockey coach from 1965–1972, and the 1969-70 OIAA Coach of the Year.

He is credited with establishing York University's Yeomen hockey program in 1961 and bringing it national acclaim and notariaty. He also championed the teams relocation from outdoor play at Glendon to the new York Arena, locally known as the Ice Palace.


  • 1967-68: 2nd place finish in the Ontario Intercollegiate Athletic Association (OIAA) League
  • 1969-70: OIAA championship
  • 1969-70: Consolation title of the Canadian finals.
  • 1969-70: Coach of the Year
  • 1971-72: 1st place finish in the Ontario Universities Athletic Association (OUAA) League with a record 16 wins (16-1-2)
  • 1978-79: IHL Champion
  • 1981-82: OUAA League Champion

Coaching PositionsEdit


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