Joseph William Jennings (June 28, 1917 – November 29, 1999) was a professional ice hockey right winger who played 108 games in the National Hockey League. He played for the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins. He was born in Toronto, Ontario.

He played junior hockey for the West Toronto Nationals from 1934 to 1936, winning the Memorial Cup in 1936. After two years of senior hockey, Jennings moved to Great Britain in 1938-39 to play for the Earls Court Rangers.

After playing for Detroit Holzbaugh Ford in 1939-40, Jennings was a part-time player for the Detroit Red Wings for three years, appearing in 36 games for the NHL club from 1940 to 1943. He played full-time in 1943-44 and was traded to the Boston Bruins in 1944 for Pete Leswick.

After playing a full season in 1944-45 for the Bruins and 1945-46 in the minors, Jennings retired in 1946.

In the NHL Jennings played in 108 games and scored 32 goals and 33 assists.

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