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The Belleville McFarlands were a senior team in Belleville, Ontario in the 1950's.

Like their cousins the Whitby Dunlops, the McFarlands grew out of the Ontario Senior B system of the early 1950's. They became part of a Senior A league in Eastern Ontario in 1956-57.

This team only existed for four full seasons, but they won an Allan Cup in 1958 and a World Championship in 1959 during that time.

The team was partially subsidized by a local contractor named Harvey McFarland, hence the name. It was also being subsidized by the city of Belleville, which lost over $100,000.

They folded at the beginning of the 1960-61 season when the Dunlops also folded. At the time, the rest of the teams were in southwestern Ontario which meany very long road trips. Attempts to ressurect the team in a league in the Ottawa District Hockey Association also foundered due to travel costs.

Senior team 1957-61Edit

Season Games Won Lost Tied Points Goals
1956-57 52 22 25 5 49 213 205 3rdLost Final
1957-58 52 29 20 3 61 214 195 1stWon Final Won Allan Cup
1958-59 48 27 13 8 62 215 160 2ndDid not play in playoffs - Won World
1959-60 54 18 35 1 37 196 262 5thLost Semi Final
1960-61 2 0 2 0 0 7 10 WithdrewOut of playoffs

McFarlands who played in the NHLEdit

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1958-59 Belleville McFarlands

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