The Beanpot refers primarily to a college men's ice hockey tournament between four major college hockey schools of the Boston, Massachusetts area, held annually since the 1952-53 season. The tournament lasts two rounds, with first-round opponents being rotated from year to year. The second round features the consolation game between the two teams that lose in the first round, and the championship game between the victors.

All-time resultsEdit

Four games are listed for each Beanpot, in the order they were played. Each row represents one doubleheader; there are two rows per Beanpot. In each row, the left-hand game (Game 1) was played first, while the right-hand game (Game 2) was played second. For the second row, the consolation is Game 1 while the championship is Game 2. Champions are listed in bold.

Edition: Year: Arena
Date Attendance Game 1 Game 2
Winning team OT Losing team Winning team OT Losing team
1st Beanpot: 1952-53: Boston Arena
Fri 26-Dec5,105 Boston University4Northeastern1 Harvard3OTBoston College2
Sat 27-Dec3,382Boston College2Northeastern0Harvard7Boston University4
2nd Beanpot: 1953-54: Boston Garden
Mon 11-Jan711 Harvard3Boston University2 Boston College8Northeastern5
Tue 12-Jan2,399Boston University5Northeastern3Boston College4Harvard1
3rd Beanpot: 1954-55: Boston Garden
Mon 7-Feb2,560 Harvard12Northeastern3 Boston College9Boston University5
Tue 8-Feb5,654Boston University4Northeastern3Harvard5OTBoston College4
4th Beanpot: 1955-56: Boston Garden
Mon 6-Feb2,500 Boston College7Northeastern1 Harvard6Boston University1
Wed 8-Feb4,000Boston University9Northeastern3Boston College4Harvard2
5th Beanpot: 1956-57: Boston Garden
Fri 1-Feb4,038 Boston College6Northeastern0 Boston University5Harvard3
Tue 5-Feb4,038Harvard5Northeastern3Boston College5OTBoston University4
6th Beanpot: 1957-58: Boston Garden
Mon 3-Feb6,117 Northeastern5Harvard4 Boston University5Boston College4
Mon 10-Feb4,784Harvard7Boston College1Boston University9Northeastern3
7th Beanpot: 1958-59: Boston Garden
Mon 2-Feb5,920 Boston College6Harvard4 Boston University7Northeastern4
Mon 9-Feb8,180Harvard4Northeastern0Boston College7Boston University4
8th Beanpot: 1959-60: Boston Garden
Mon 8-Feb10,909 Harvard5Northeastern3 Boston University5Boston College2
Mon 15-Feb5,713Northeastern6Boston College5Harvard3Boston University2
9th Beanpot: 1960-61: Boston Garden
Mon 6-Feb5,800 Boston College15Northeastern1 Harvard3OTBoston University2
Mon 13-Feb13,909Northeastern6Boston University2Boston College4Harvard2
10th Beanpot: 1961-62: Boston Garden
Mon 5-Feb13,909 Boston University5Northeastern4 Harvard6Boston College1
Mon 12-Feb4,500Boston College4Northeastern0Harvard5Boston University0
11th Beanpot: 1962-63: Boston Garden
Mon 4-Feb6,961 Boston College2OTBoston University1 Harvard4OTNortheastern3
Mon 11-Feb13,909Northeastern4Boston University2Boston College3Harvard1
12th Beanpot: 1963-64: Boston Garden
Mon 3-Feb8,396 Boston College7Northeastern4 Boston University3Harvard2
Mon 10-Feb13,909Harvard7Northeastern5Boston College6Boston University5
13th Beanpot: 1964-65: Boston Garden
Mon 8-Feb13,058 Boston University53OTNortheastern4 Boston College5OTHarvard4
Mon 15-Feb13,909Northeastern3Harvard1Boston College5Boston University4
14th Beanpot: 1965-66: Boston Garden
Mon 7-Feb13,909 Harvard5Northeastern1 Boston University6Boston College4
Mon 14-Feb13,909Boston College5Northeastern3Boston University9Harvard2
15th Beanpot: 1966-67: Boston Garden
Thu 9-Feb12,261 Northeastern6OTBoston College5 Boston University8Harvard3
Mon 13-Feb12,910Boston College6Harvard5Boston University4Northeastern0
16th Beanpot: 1967-68: Boston Garden
Mon 5-Feb11,818 Boston University7Northeastern4 Harvard6Boston College4
Mon 12-Feb12,674Boston College6Northeastern4Boston University4Harvard1
17th Beanpot: 1968-69: Boston Garden
Mon 3-Feb14,659 Harvard8Northeastern4 Boston University4Boston College2
Mon 10-Feb9,236Boston College6Northeastern3Harvard5Boston University3
18th Beanpot: 1969-70: Boston Garden
Mon 2-Feb14,835 Boston College5Northeastern0 Boston University5Harvard3
Mon 9-Feb14,702Harvard5OTNortheastern4Boston University5Boston College4
19th Beanpot: 1970-71: Boston Garden
Mon 8-Feb11,449 Boston University12Northeastern2 Harvard10Boston College4
Mon 22-Feb14,994Boston College8Northeastern2Boston University4Harvard1
20th Beanpot: 1971-72: Boston Garden
Mon 7-Feb8,159 Harvard8Northeastern3 Boston University4Boston College2
Mon 14-Feb14,995Boston College5Northeastern4Boston University4Harvard1
21st Beanpot: 1972-73: Boston Garden
Mon 5-Feb13,643 Boston College9OTNortheastern8 Boston University8Harvard3
Mon 12-Feb15,003Harvard8Northeastern5Boston University4Boston College1
22nd Beanpot: 1973-74: Boston Garden
Mon 4-Feb8,033 Boston University6Northeastern1 Harvard11Boston College6
Mon 11-Feb12,202Northeastern4Boston College3Harvard5Boston University4
23rd Beanpot: 1974-75: Boston Garden
Mon 3-Feb8,694 Harvard9Northeastern0 Boston University5Boston College3
Mon 10-Feb15,003Northeastern5Boston College3Boston University7Harvard2
24th Beanpot: 1975-76: Boston Garden
Mon 2-Feb11,118 Boston College5Northeastern3 Boston University6Harvard5
Mon 9-Feb12,250Harvard4Northeastern2Boston College6Boston University3
25th Beanpot: 1976-77: Boston Garden
Mon 7-Feb13,674 Boston University10Northeastern5 Harvard4Boston College2
Mon 14-Feb14,597Boston College6Northeastern4Harvard4Boston University3
26th Beanpot: 1977-78: Boston Garden
Mon 6-Feb11,666 Harvard4OTNortheastern3 Boston University12Boston College5
Wed 1-Mar14,335Boston College3OTNortheastern2Boston University7Harvard1
27th Beanpot: 1978-79: Boston Garden
Mon 5-Feb14,679 Boston College7Northeastern2 Boston University4Harvard2
Mon 12-Feb14,456Northeastern5Harvard4Boston University4Boston College3
28th Beanpot: 1979-80: Boston Garden
Mon 4-Feb14,456 Northeastern6OTBoston University5 Boston College4Harvard3
Mon 11-Feb14,456Harvard7Boston University4Northeastern5OTBoston College4
29th Beanpot: 1980-81: Boston Garden
Mon 2-Feb14,456 Harvard10Northeastern2 Boston College5Boston University2
Mon 9-Feb14,456Boston University9Northeastern2Harvard2Boston College0
30th Beanpot: 1981-82: Boston Garden
Mon 1-Feb14,673 Boston University5Harvard1 Boston College3OTNortheastern2
Mon 8-Feb14,673Northeastern6OTHarvard5Boston University3Boston College1
31st Beanpot: 1982-83: Boston Garden
Tue 8-Feb14,523 Boston College5OTHarvard4 Northeastern4Boston University3
Mon 14-Feb14,523Boston University5Harvard4Boston College8Northeastern2
32nd Beanpot: 1983-84: Boston Garden
Mon 6-Feb14,451 Northeastern7Harvard3 Boston University6Boston College5
Mon 13-Feb14,451Boston College5Harvard2Northeastern5Boston University2
33rd Beanpot: 1984-85: Boston Garden
Mon 4-Feb14,451 Boston University5Harvard3 Northeastern4Boston College2
Mon 11-Feb14,451Harvard6Boston College5Northeastern4Boston University2
34th Beanpot: 1985-86: Boston Garden
Mon 3-Feb14,451 Boston University8Northeastern5 Boston College4Harvard2
Mon 10-Feb14,451Harvard7Northeastern1Boston University4Boston College1
35th Beanpot: 1986-87: Boston Garden
Mon 2-Feb14,451 Boston University6Boston College3 Northeastern5OTHarvard4
Mon 9-Feb14,451Boston College7OTHarvard6Boston University4OTNortheastern3
36th Beanpot: 1987-88: Boston Garden
Mon 1-Feb14,451 Northeastern4Boston College0 Boston University6Harvard4
Mon 8-Feb14,451Boston College4Harvard2Northeastern6Boston University3
37th Beanpot: 1988-89: Boston Garden
Mon 6-Feb14,448 Harvard5Boston College4 Boston University5OTNortheastern4
Mon 13-Feb14,448Boston College4Northeastern1Harvard9Boston University6
38th Beanpot: 1989-90: Boston Garden
Mon 5-Feb14,448 Boston University4Boston College3 Harvard5Northeastern4
Mon 12-Feb14,448Boston College8Northeastern4Boston University8Harvard2
39th Beanpot: 1990-91: Boston Garden
Mon 4-Feb14,448 Boston College5Northeastern3 Boston University8Harvard2
Mon 11-Feb14,448Northeastern5Harvard0Boston University8Boston College4
40th Beanpot: 1991-92: Boston Garden
Mon 3-Feb14,448 Harvard6Boston College4 Boston University5Northeastern4
Mon 10-Feb14,448Boston College5Northeastern3Boston University5Harvard2
41st Beanpot: 1992-93: Boston Garden
Mon 1-Feb14,448 Harvard7Northeastern5 Boston University8Boston College2
Mon 8-Feb14,448Northeastern4Boston College3Harvard4Boston University2
42nd Beanpot: 1993-94: Boston Garden
Mon 7-Feb14,448 Boston College52OTNortheastern4 Harvard4Boston University2
Mon 14-Feb14,448Boston University8Northeastern0Boston College2OTHarvard1
43rd Beanpot: 1994-95: Boston Garden
Mon 6-Feb14,448 Boston University6Northeastern2 Boston College7Harvard6
Mon 13-Feb14,448Northeastern4Harvard2Boston University5Boston College1
44th Beanpot: 1995-96: FleetCenter
Mon 5-Feb17,565 Northeastern4Harvard1 Boston University4Boston College1
Mon 12-Feb17,565Boston College6Harvard2Boston University11Northeastern4
45th Beanpot: 1996-97: FleetCenter
Mon 3-Feb17,565 Boston University7Harvard1 Boston College4Northeastern1
Mon 10-Feb17,565Northeastern2Harvard0Boston University4Boston College2
46th Beanpot: 1997-98: FleetCenter
Mon 2-Feb17,565 Boston University4Northeastern1 Harvard5OTBoston College4
Mon 9-Feb17,565Boston College4Northeastern1Boston University2OTHarvard1
47th Beanpot: 1998-99: FleetCenter
Mon 1-Feb17,565 Northeastern4OTHarvard3 Boston University3OTBoston College2
Mon 8-Feb17,565Boston College6Harvard4Boston University4Northeastern2
48th Beanpot: 1999-00: FleetCenter
Mon 7-Feb17,565 Boston College6Northeastern0 Boston University4Harvard0
Mon 14-Feb17,278Harvard3Northeastern1Boston University4Boston College1
49th Beanpot: 2000-01: FleetCenter
Mon 5-Feb17,565 Boston University6Northeastern4 Boston College4Harvard1
Mon 12-Feb17,278Northeastern8Harvard7Boston College5Boston University3
50th Beanpot: 2001-02: FleetCenter
Mon 4-Feb17,565 Northeastern5Harvard2 Boston University5Boston College3
Mon 11-Feb17,565Boston College4Harvard0Boston University5Northeastern3
51st Beanpot: 2002-03: FleetCenter
Mon 3-Feb17,565 Boston University2Harvard1 Boston College5Northeastern2
Mon 10-Feb17,565Harvard4Northeastern1Boston University3Boston College2
52nd Beanpot: 2003-04: FleetCenter
Mon 2-Feb17,565 Boston University5Northeastern2 Boston College4Harvard1
Mon 9-Feb17,565Northeastern3Harvard1Boston College2OTBoston University1
53rd Beanpot: 2004-05: YourCenter
Mon 7-Feb17,565 Northeastern22OTHarvard1 Boston University2Boston College1
Mon 14-Feb17,565Boston College4Harvard1Boston University3OTNortheastern2
54th Beanpot: 2005-06: TD Banknorth Garden
Mon 6-Feb17,565 Boston College5Northeastern2 Boston University5Harvard3
Mon 13-Feb17,565Harvard5Northeastern0Boston University3Boston College2
55th Beanpot: 2006-07: TD Banknorth Garden
Mon 5-Feb17,565 Boston University4Northeastern0 Boston College3Harvard1
Mon 12-Feb17,565Northeastern3Harvard1Boston University2OTBoston College1
56th Beanpot: 2007-08: TD Banknorth Garden
Mon 4-Feb17,565 Harvard3Northeastern1 Boston College4OTBoston University3
Mon 11-Feb17,565Boston University5Northeastern4Boston College6OTHarvard5
57th Beanpot: 2008-09: TD Banknorth Garden
Mon 2-Feb17,565 Boston University4Harvard3 Northeastern6Boston College1
Mon 9-Feb17,565Harvard3Boston College4Northeastern2Boston University5

Source: Game information obtained from Beanpot official site

All-time goals scoredEdit

Through 2008 Beanpot:

Boston College473
Boston University537

Source: Goals scored information obtained from Beanpot official site.

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