The Beanpot refers to a men's ice hockey tournament among the four major college hockey schools of the Boston, Massachusetts area, held annually since the 1952-53 season. The tournament gives the winner bragging rights over its cross-town rivals, and the quest for this highly sought after trophy is contested in front of frantic crowds from all four schools in annual sellouts.


The competitors are:

The tournament lasts two rounds, with first-round opponents being rotated from year to year. The second round features the consolation game between the two teams that lose in the first round, and the championship game between the victors. In recent years the existence of the consolation game has been criticized as meaningless, with some looking to turn the final round into a doubleheader with the Women's Beanpot Championship game. The tradition of the tournament has won out each time, allowing all four teams to know exactly how they match up with each other every year.

In addition to the tournament trophy, two individual awards are given out each year. The Eberly Trophy goes to the goaltender with the highest save percentage who plays in both of his team's games, while the Beanpot MVP is awarded to tournament's most valuable player.


1977 program


The first Beanpot was contested at Boston Arena in December 1952. No tournament was played during the 1953 calendar year. The next two tournaments were held in January (1954 and 1955). All subsequent Beanpot games have been played in February (except 1978; see below).

The second through 43rd Beanpots (1954 through 1995) were held at the old Boston Garden. Since 1996, the Beanpot has been held at the Garden's replacement, currently called the TD Garden. The competition generally takes place on the first and second Mondays in February, and often draws the largest crowds of the college hockey season outside of the Frozen Four.

The 1978 Beanpot has taken a mythic place in Boston sports lore, as several hundred fans were stuck in the Garden for several days after the Blizzard of 1978 dumped more than two feet of snow during the night of the first round games. The championship and consolation games were moved to Wednesday, March 1.

Every championship game to date has featured either Boston College or Boston University, or both — Harvard and Northeastern have never met in the Beanpot final. (Ironically, Harvard and Northeastern have historically dominated the Women's Beanpot.)

Boston College dominated the early days of the Beanpot, winning 8 titles in the first 13 years, while Harvard took four and BU just one. But since 1966, the Boston University Terriers have won 28 Beanpots in 43 years, including 12 of the past 15.

The beginning of BU's Beanpot dominance was also the first year on the ice for Jack Parker. Parker won titles in each of the three years he played for the Terriers, and since taking over as head coach in 1973-74 Parker has won 21 more championships.

Northeastern, the only Beanpot team that has never won an NCAA hockey title, failed to win a Beanpot until 1980, when an overtime goal by Wayne Turner against Boston College gave the Huskies a win. Northeastern won three more titles in the 1980s, but has failed to capture the Beanpot since 1988. The Huskies came close to winning their fifth title in 2005 when they rallied from a 2-0 goal deficit to tie BU, but fell in overtime when Chris Bourque - son of former Boston Bruin Ray Bourque - scored the winning goal.

The 2007 Beanpot took place February 5 and February 12. On February 5, Boston University beat Northeastern 4-0 while Boston College beat Harvard 3-1. On February 12, Northeastern defeated Harvard 3-1 in the Consolation Game and Boston University defeated Boston College 2-1 in OT of the Championship Game. This win gave BU its 28th Beanpot title, more than the other three schools combined.

The 2008 tournament took place February 4 and February 11. On February 4, Harvard beat Northeastern and Boston College beat Boston University in overtime. On February 11, Boston College beat Harvard in overtime, 6-5.

The opening round of the 2009 tournament took place February 2. BU beat Harvard 4-3 after Harvard went up 2-0. Harvard scored what would have been the game-tying goal after regulation had expired, resulting in a BU victory. In the second game, Northeastern crushed BC 6-1. BU and Northeastern entered the Beanpot Championship on February 9th as the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the country in the USA Today Men's Hockey Poll, making the 2009 Championship arguably one of the most anticipated Beanpot games ever played. BU won the game 5-2 thanks to 3 shorthanded goals.

Boston College domintated the tournament from 2010 to 2014 winning an unprecidented 5 straigt tournaments.

The 2015 tournament was ravaged by the winter weather.  While Boston was going through it's worst winter ever with snow (over 7 feet in 3 weeks) and public transportation problems (the MBTA was not operating for several days at after a couple of storms) the first round was delayed by one day from February 2 to 3rd and the final was delayed two weeks from February 9th to the 23rd.  The games themselves were dragged out as well with three of the four games going into overtime (and one of those into double overtime).

In 2014 there was some effort to have the 2016 tournament held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Boston and Belfast have a sister city relationship. The effort had the support of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.  The tournament will be held at the TD Garden in Boston.

The 2016 Tournament final featured the first ever 1-0 final in tournament history as BC defeated BU 1-0 in overtime.  The game was also delayed by a power failure in the buiilding for about a half hour mid-way through the first period.

Championship game resultsEdit

Ten Beanpot championship games have required overtime (indicated by †), although none have gone to multiple overtimes. All championship games have been played in February except where noted by D, J, or M (December, January, or March). Results of each Beanpot game ever played are listed separately.

Year Winning team Losing team
1952-53 (D)Harvard7Boston University4
1953-54 (J)Boston College4Harvard1
1954-55 †Harvard5Boston College4
1955-56Boston College4Harvard2
1956-57 †Boston College5Boston University4
1957-58Boston University9Northeastern3
1958-59Boston College7Boston University4
1959-60Harvard3Boston University2
1960-61Boston College4Harvard2
1961-62Harvard5Boston University0
1962-63Boston College3Harvard1
1963-64Boston College6Boston University5
1964-65Boston College5Boston University4
1965-66Boston University9Harvard2
1966-67Boston University4Northeastern0
1967-68Boston University4Harvard1
1968-69Harvard5Boston University3
1969-70Boston University5Boston College4
1970-71Boston University4Harvard1
1971-72Boston University4Harvard1
1972-73Boston University4Boston College1
1973-74Harvard5Boston University4
1974-75Boston University7Harvard2
1975-76Boston College6Boston University3
1976-77Harvard4Boston University3
1977-78 (M)Boston University7Harvard1
1978-79Boston University4Boston College3
1979-80 †Northeastern5Boston College4
1980-81Harvard2Boston College0
1981-82Boston University3Boston College1
1982-83Boston College8Northeastern2
1983-84Northeastern5Boston University2
1984-85Northeastern4Boston University2
1985-86Boston University4Boston College1
1986-87 †Boston University4Northeastern3
1987-88Northeastern6Boston University3
1988-89Harvard9Boston University6
1989-90Boston University8Harvard2
1990-91Boston University8Boston College4
1991-92Boston University5Harvard2
1992-93Harvard4Boston University2
1993-94 †Boston College2Harvard1
1994-95Boston University5Boston College1
1995-96Boston University11Northeastern4
1996-97Boston University4Boston College2
1997-98 †Boston University2Harvard1
1998-99Boston University4Northeastern2
1999-00Boston University4Boston College1
2000-01Boston College5Boston University3
2001-02Boston University5Northeastern3
2002-03Boston University3Boston College2
2003-04 †Boston College2Boston University1
2004-05 †Boston University3Northeastern2
2005-06Boston University3Boston College2
2006-07 †Boston University2Boston College1
2007-08 †Boston College6Harvard5
2008-09Boston University5Northeastern2
2009-10Boston College4Boston University3
2010-11 †Boston College7Northeastern6
2011-12 †Boston College3Boston University2
2012-13Boston College6Northeastern3
2013-14Boston College4Northeastern1
2014-15 †Boston University4Northeastern3
2015-16 †Boston College1Boston University0

Beanpot finishesEdit

Through 2015 Beanpot

School1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place
Boston University302076
Boston College1915236

Team recordsEdit

Through 2015 Beanpot

SchoolWonLostWin PctGFGA
Boston University8739.690575400
Boston College7650.603527443

Championship game goals scoredEdit

Through 2015 Beanpot

SchoolChampionshipsAppearancesGoalsAvg Goals/Appearance
Boston College19341223.588
Boston University30502084.160

Source: Goals scored information obtained from Beanpot official site

MVP AwardsEdit

Through 2015 Beanpot

Year MVP School Po.
1952Walt GreeleyHarvardF
1954Bob BabineBoston CollegeF
1955Billy ClearyHarvardF
1956James TiernanBoston CollegeF
1957Joe CeletaBoston CollegeF
1958Bill SullivanBoston UniversityF
1959Jim LogueBoston CollegeG
1960Bob BlandHarvardG
1961Tom MartinBoston CollegeD
1962Gene KinasewichHarvardF
1963Billy HoganBoston CollegeF
1964John CunniffBoston CollegeF
1965John CunniffBoston CollegeF
1966Tom RossBoston UniversityD
1967Herb WakabayashiBoston UniversityF
1968Jim McCannBoston UniversityG
1969Joe CavanaghHarvardF
1970Mike HyndmanBoston UniversityD
1971Steve StirlingBoston UniversityF
1972Dan BradyBoston UniversityG
1972John DanbyBoston UniversityF
1973Vic StanfieldBoston UniversityD
1974Randy RothHarvardF
1975Vic StanfieldBoston UniversityD
1976Paul SkidmoreBoston CollegeG
1977Brian PetrovekHarvardG
1978Jack O'CallahanBoston UniversityD
1979Daryl MacLeodBoston UniversityF
1980Dave ArchambaultNortheasternD
1981Wade LauHarvardG
1982Tom O'ReganBoston UniversityF
1983Bob SweeneyBoston CollegeF
1984Tim MarshallNortheasternG
1985Bruce RacineNortheasternG
1986Terry TailleferBoston UniversityG
1987Mike KelferBoston UniversityF
1988Bruce RacineNortheasternG
1989Lane MacDonaldHarvardF
1990David TomlinsonBoston UniversityF
1991Tony AmonteBoston UniversityF
1992Mike PrendergastBoston UniversityF
1993Ted DruryHarvardF
1994Greg TaylorBoston CollegeG
1995Ken RauschBoston UniversityF
1996Chris DruryBoston UniversityF
1997Bill PierceBoston UniversityF
1998Tom PotiBoston UniversityD
1999Michel LarocqueBoston UniversityG
2000Rick DiPietroBoston UniversityG
2001Krys KolanosBoston CollegeF
2002Justin MaiserBoston UniversityF
2003Sean FieldsBoston UniversityG
2004Sean FieldsBoston UniversityG
2005Chris BourqueBoston UniversityF
2006Peter MacArthurBoston UniversityF
2007John CurryBoston UniversityG
2008Brian GibbonsBoston CollegeF
2009Nick BoninoBoston UniversityF
2010John MuseBoston CollegeG
2011Chris KreiderBoston CollegeF
2012Johnny GaudreauBoston CollegeF
2013Kevin RoyNortheasternF
2014Kevin HayesBoston CollegeF
2015Matt GrzelcykBoston UniversityD

Source: MVP Awards obtain from

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