Baldy Northcott

Lawrence "Baldy" Northcott (September 7, 1908 in Calgary, Alberta - – November 6, 1986) was a professional player in the National Hockey League.

He played ten seasons for the Montreal Maroons from 1928–29 to 1937–38 and one season for the Chicago Black Hawks in 1938–39. He got the nickname "Baldy" when he beat Toronto's Harold "Baldy" Cotton in a fight. He achieved all-star status in 1932–33 when he played on a line with Jimmy Ward and Hooley Smith. In 1935, he scored the winning goal in two playoff games as the Maroons won the Stanley Cup. Northcott was a big and scrappy player who did not hesitate to pile into the opposition. After the Maroons folded, he played one season for Chicago and then retired as a hockey player. He coached the junior Winnipeg Rangers. The Rangers won the Memorial Cup in 1941. Northcott retired completely from hockey after that win.

Awards & Achievements Edit


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