The Hockey Humanitarian Award is an award that is given to recognize college hockey players - male or female - who give back to their communities in the true humanitarian spirit.

Selection processEdit

Every year, the Foundation board solicits nominations from every college varsity hockey program in the country - male and female in Divisions I to III.


The founding directors of the award are John R. Greenhalgh and Jeffrey Millman. Sponsors of the award include Alliance Holdings, BNY Mellon, Ulmer & Berne, the American Hockey Coaches Association, and


Year PlayerSchool
1996 J.P. McKersie Boston University
1997 Blake Sloan University of Michigan
1998Erik Raygor University of Wisconsin
1999 Kristine Pierce Rochester Institute of Technology
2000 James Leger University of Maine
2001 Jason Cupp University of Nebraska - Omaha
2002 Rocky Ray Reeves Buffalo State College
2003 Sam Paolini Cornell University
2004 Chanda Gunn Northeastern University
2005Sarah Carlson Boston College
2006Eric Leroux Princeton University
2007 Kristin Savard Yale University
2008William Bruce Williams College
2009Missy Elumba Northeastern University
2010 Ethan Cox Colgate University
2011 Brooks Dyroff Boston College
2012 Aleca Hughes Yale Bulldogs


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