Avey's Coliseum was an indoor arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It hosted the Central Hockey League's Tulsa Oilers from 1945 to 1951. The arena held 4,502 people.

Wrestling promoter Sam Avey was the owner of the Tulsa Oilers hockey club in the 1940s. At the time, the Oilers were affiliated with the United States Hockey League. In 1942, he acquired the Tulsa Coliseum for $185,000, and it was known affectionately as Avey's Coliseum. It regularly hosted prestigious political events and sporting events, such as ice hockey, boxing, and wrestling matches.

Avey also owned the radio station KAKC, and it broadcast from the Coliseum basement. On September 20, 1952, the building was burned as it was struck by lightning. The building’s wooden roof accelerated the fire.


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