Colorado Avalanche–Dallas Stars Game 7 Edit

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Avalanche–Stars Game 7 Box Score
1 2 3 Total
Colorado Avalanche 0 0 1 1
Dallas Stars 1 2 1 4
Date June 4, 1999
Arena Joe Louis Arena
City Dallas, United States
Attendance 20,000

The Avalanche–Stars Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals that occur June 4, 1999, at Reunion Arena, Dallas, United States, between Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars.

Series Edit

On their way to the 1999 Stanley Cup they were forced to play Colorado in 1999 Western Conference Finals. Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars have won 3 games each. Both teams face-off in Game 7, with the winner advancing to the Finals against Buffalo Sabres. Jamie Langenbrunner scored and lead 1-0 and Dallas Stars were able to defeat Colorado Avalanche 4-1 in Game 7.

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