Atlantic City

A view of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is a city in southeastern New Jersey. It has a population of about 35,000 people and a metropolitan area of about 266,000.


  1. East Coast Hockey League (2001-2003) league renamed ECHL
  2. ECHL (2003-2005) became Stockton Thunder
  1. Independent team (1930-1932) join Tri-State Hockey League
  2. Tri State Hockey League (1932-1933) league becomes Eastern Amateur Hockey League
  3. Eastern Amateur Hockey League (1933-1942) withdrew, return 1947
  4. Eastern Amateur Hockey League (1947-1948) return with league 1949
  5. Eastern Amateur Hockey League (1949-1952) folded

note: The Pittsburgh Pirates and Ottawa Senators , both of the NHL played home games in Atlantic City during the late 1920's and early 1930's and the Albany Devils played 4 home games at the Boardwalk Hall during the 2012-13 AHL season


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