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Arnprior Nick Smith Centre

Nick Smith Centre

Arnprior is a town of about 7000 in eastern Ontario, Canada. It is located about 50 kilometers west of Ottawa.


  • Arnprior
  1. (Ottawa Valley Senior League, 1898-1902) league renamed UOVL
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1902-1908, 1909-1912) withdrew during 11-12 season; join IPHU
  3. (Interprovincial Hockey Union, 1912-1913)
  4. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1914-1917) league suspends operations due to war
  5.  (Independent entry 1928-29 Ottawa District Junior Playoffs)
  6. (Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey League, 1929-1932, 1933-1937, 1947-1949)
  7. (Independent entry 1962-63 Ottawa District Senior Playoffs) join OVSL as Arnprior-Packenham Combines
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1919-1940, 1941-1942,1946-1947)
  2. (Rideau Group, 1950-1951)
  1. (Ottawa-Hull & District Junior Hockey League, 1962-1963) withdrew
  2. (Central Junior A Hockey League, 1965-1966) join Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1942-1943) join OCSL
  2. (Ottawa City Senior League, 1943-1944) withdrew January 7, under orders from the RCAF



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